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Bitch Session – Thrifty Car Rentals…

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To whom it may concern, and more importantly, to anyone who gives a damn…

A month ago I was the proud driver of the finest example of Japanese engineering and fashion when I hired a Suzuki something-or-another which I considered keeping as a toy for my daughter’s Barbie dolls. But I digress…I returned the car, satisfactorily clean, filled with gas, and despite the incessant urge to illegally street-race it, free from any wrong doing as seen in the eyes of our finest on the Thin Blue Line. Read more…


Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window…

Harley-Davidson…I became intrigued with a bike I would never have considered previously, in fact took the piss out of those who did have them. But then Rob bought one, and I read the book I previously critiqued, and suddenly my desire to own one (well before I could afford one!) came bubbling to the surface. I was always going to get one, that was a given, but now the determination to get back in the saddle sooner than later. Rob, new owner of a 1450 even tried to talk me off the Harley but it was never far from my mind.
So there I was, a couple of weeks ago with time to spare between meetings, and happened to be close by a bike dealer, a Suzuki dealer no less. My last four bikes have been ‘Zukis, and the one I wanted to own more than any other was the M109T (or M109R with more funds). And possibly the only bike to kill my want for a Hog. A demo model (R) was in the shop so I left details to call me on the price, but by the time the call came through, it was sold, but the salesman said he would keep me abreast of others, as well of second-hand SV1000Ss which cannot be bought new anymore due to Californian emission laws. Then he convinced me to pop in to consider a couple of others… C series or M90. Read more…

Cold Kiwi – 2007 Pt IV


Another instalment of photos and vid from the weekend in the middle of the wops…some more of the Burn Out Competition, and the Helmet Run, and the night’s festivities…

Left; The Salute to fallen riders, quite a din, especially amongst the two-strokes. Photo M. Tierney
Right; seemed appropriate at the time, I pull out my Bee Gees moves. Photo M. Tierney
Below left and right; the sausage competition – riders on the back of a bike must take as big a bite from a frankfurter hanging from a hook…sauce is sometimes added to make it more difficult…what is hard to watch is a guy on the back…hmmm, maybe in the wrong place, buddy.
Above; the infamous Helmet Run – the least clothing the better, and it is not so disappointing to see the ladies not get right into it, but damaging to the eyes that skinny white boys do!!

 Below left; where there’s smoke…someone’s bike (not the ZX from previous post) catches fire!
 Below right; the start of the dismantling – the main tent where the bands played on the Sunday morning – view from the food hall.


Below; discussions take place over a coffee, or a beer, something along the lines of “You know what, I think we should just cruise back at about 80km/h, and not worry if Harleys overtake us, and make sure we stop for any Police officer who requests as such”. Or something like that…
Below; the sight that greeted us every morning…Mt Ruapehu in all its splendour.

Cold Kiwi – 2007 Pt III

>Some more piccies in the Cold Kiwi saga…showing some of the second day highlights – the Hill Climb and Burn Out competitions.

 Left; Cold Kiwi site.
Right; yet another failure on the hill climb. The local boys are very good at this and usually get up their no sweat on their dirt bikes, and now and again they try out on modified pieces of crap, like Honda CBs, Suzuki GSXRs and the like. After a few drinks you can always be guaranteed some twat will try it on his road bike. One year someone tried on an old Triumph, the year before this it was (successfully!!!) a GS1200.
Below left; the failure in previous photo comes back down the hill. Steep as this one is, there is a track to the right which is even steeper, and not many have a crack at that one.


Above right; the eventual winner of the Burn Out, on a Harley.
Above left; Chris enjoys the clean mountain air.
Above right; pre-Burn Out warm ups.
Above; V-Rod…now I’m not a Harley man, but some things are somewhat sacred…
Next episode, video on the V-Rod burn out, and sausage competition…

Cold Kiwi – 2007 Part II

>Here is the second installment of photos from the ’07 Cold Kiwi…

 Above left; Becky, Tania, Steve, Mel and a communist-looking Brett wish they weren’t as cold as their drinks.
Above right; Roy, Steve and Dane warm their drinks next to the bonfire.
Above left; warm on the outside, cold on the inside.
Above right; Rob in deep thought too early the next morning – obviously didn’t drink enough!
 Above left; Dane and Roy feed their faces while Rob relaxes.
 Above right; The following day we took a ride out to the memorial at the scene of the Tangawai rail disaster, which occurred Xmas Eve 1953 when a flood off the surrounding volcanic plateau washed the bridge out. There is a sad story about a woman who died in this whose fiancee was touring South Africa with the NZ cricket team. After being told about the tragedy, he came out to bat in complete silence in memory of his dead lover.
NZ History – Tangawai rail disasterLeft; me, wrapped up like Nanook Of The North – the water in the river was freezing!!!

Left; from left to right, Dane and me sitting with Mike behind, Roy and Rob sitting, and Brett, right


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