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Book Review – Island by Richard Laymon

“If you’ve missed Richard Laymon, you’ve missed a treat” – Stephen King

Well my guess is;

  1. Stephen hasn’t read a Laymon book
  2. Stephen got paid shitloads to say this (which is on the front of most of his books, so was it by book or an all-encompassing?)
  3. Stephen mistook Laymon for someone else
  4. Stephen’s a crackpot

Now I use the numbered ‘options’ as a parody to how this book is written, it pops up a lot, but you know what, they aren’t the only annoying thing in this book. Read more…


Book Review – Cell by Stephen King

The concept of this book is brilliant, the execution not so unfortunately. However in saying that, I found it a good book to read as is most of King’s works.

The story surrounds the end of the world as we know it due to our obsession with the mobile phone (Who? Me?) and the carnage that takes place after “the Pulse”. But amongst it all are ‘survivors’, those that couldn’t use or didn’t own a cell phone, and it plots a group who band together in the quest to avoid (and destroy)¬†the ‘phoners’ as well as search for their loved ones in case they ‘survived’ also.

The ‘end of the world’ occurs within the first three pages, so you’re immediately into it, and in true King style, there is no holding back on graphic narrative. And for most of the book you are held in suspense as the ‘survivors’ make their way from place to place. And when the ‘phoners’ start evolving, things take an eerie turn, but then it was pushed a little too far in my mind – believing a classic muscle car can rebuild itself after crashing, or pets coming back to life after being buried in an ancient Indian burial ground just seemed more believable than what the ‘phoners’ could do…but don’t let that influence you at all, it is a good story.

PS…damned his way of ending! Left me hanging…

Book Review – Storm of the Century – Stephen King

It has been a long, long time since I read any Stephen King novels, but consider myself to be a fan – Carrie, Salem’s Lot, Pet Semetary…some of his books have been turned into movies, some successfully (Carrie, Christine, Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Stand By Me), and some not such as Pet Semetary and Cujo.

Any way you look at it, King is the ‘king’ of horror and story telling, and this book was no exception…but this was no ordinary novel, it was in fact a screenplay for an ABC mini-series or made-for-TV movie, and there were bits in it which were typically TV, but the story, suspense, and images conjured into the mind were great. In saying that, this book had stills from the series which unfortunately ruined what I had in my head – some people won’t mind this, but for me I like to get my own impression of what towns, people, and suspense exists. Read more…

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