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A Bad Day at the Office…Pink Floyd

I’m a huge Floyd fan, and during my (still current) finite time on this planet I have been lucky enough to have seen them, or splinters of them, live; dry and arid (Waters-less) in 1988, Waters performing “Dark Side” in 2007, and him again last year, my highlight, with “The Wall”.

However, the Holy Grail for any Floyd-ite would be watching the full line up (Waters, Gilmour, Mason and Wright) perform “Dark Side” at the time of their release…this video doesn’t relive that, however it is a great relic for any fan to watch.

This should be up for a Grammy, fantastic, and in-cheek insight.


“Tear Down The Wall…”

Roger Waters; The Wall, performed at Vector Arena, Auckland February 18, 20, 22 & 23rd 2012

The Album...the beginning of a deep-rooted fascination

I have anticipated many a concert in my time. And that amounts to some total collection of built up anticipation as I have been to a lot of them; Deep Purple (twice), Joe Satriani, Elton John (twice), Billy Joel, Eurythmics, Ozzy Osbourne, UB40, Kylie Minogue, Joss Stone and Chris Isaak to name a  (very) few…but I have never desperately wanted to see a concert as much as this one.

I was introduced to Pink Floyd by a mate when I was about 13 or 14 and took an instant liking to them. Quirky, broody, anarchic. At the time I was learning guitar and to me David Gilmour (we all call him Dave) was technically one of the best in the business with a style and sound that took you away on rivers and clouds and all that other psychedelic stuff it stood for. But as I learnt more and more about the music (I like to know about bands, it helps me understand the music and appreciate it more) I came to answer the most puzzling question in rock music; who is Pink? And to me no one epitomizes Pink more than Roger Waters (we all call him Rog).

While Meddle and The Final Cut remain my two favourite Floyd albums (although the second is only Floyd by association) The Wall has a special place in my musical journey in that it was way different to anything done before or since, and my understanding of the story in the music, as well as behind the music made me feel a real scholar amongst Floyd-ites and could shoot down many a wannabe-part-time listener. Read more…

Albums That Never Quite Made It…

Music is a universal language but sometimes I wonder if we are the aliens in not understanding their message…

But first I always like to lead in with a classic album cover of my choice. This week we have AC-DC‘s Back in Black. Released in 1980, a mere five months after Bon Scott’s death, this album has become the second-highest selling of all time (higher than Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side which is no mean feat!) and the signature tune is the most downloaded ringtone of all time.

The cover itself is brutally simple – a barely discernible outline of title and band on a black background which signified their loss of Scott (who had written some of the songs before his death) – the band originally just wanted to launch an all-black album however the record company refused unless, at least, the AC-DC logo was done in grey (some re-issues have been done in white).

Now to those that tried to make Number 1 but must have felt hard done by not to have…cannot see why…there is a theme to these classics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I cannot let this slideshow go without commenting further;

  • My Pussy Belongs to Daddy – now in checking out this rarity it seems to be a collection of ‘risqué’ songs from the fifties…risque? with tracks such as “Sadie’s Still Got The Rag On”, “He Forgot His Rubbers”, “Things Are Soft For Grandpa”, “Tony’s Got Hot Nuts” and of course the title track, it seems disturbing might be a better word. Possibly made top of the charts in the southern states, Tasmania, and Gore.
  • Back To The S–t! Millie Jackson, it would seem, is an R&B singer with some credential. She has recorded some albums and singles that have charted well, although there may be a hint of creating bad publicity for the benefit of sales. This album has been listed as one of the worst covers ever (No S–t!?)…tracks include; “Hot! Wild! Unrestricted! Crazy Love” and my favourite, “Muffle That Fart” (more a stand-up routine)…I’m beginning to like this bird…
  • The Handsome BeastsBeastiality – now this one had me intrigued, and somewhat worried about what the CIA might think if I started typing in “Beastiality” into my search engine to do homework on it…well other than the name and cover, it all was a little disappointing. They are a four-piece Brit Heavy Metal outfit with quite a collection of albums, and in listening to some of the songs, they aren’t half bad!
  • Kevin RowlandMy Beauty – for those who don’t know, or recognise the man (I didn’t at first until I saw this video), Rowland was the frontman for Dexy’s Midnight Runners. OK, he was a little odd in that video with his dungarees, but this is something else.

Rick Wright – Happy Birthday & RIP

Today would have been Richard (Rick) Wright’s birthday. For those who don’t know him, he was the keyboard player for Pink Floyd, a very talented musician. While he had a tumultuous relationship with Roger Waters to the point he was fired during making The Wall, and played on contract, he rejoined the Floyd after Waters left. He also had a mediocre solo career, although his music was somewhat underrated.

In memory of Wright, here is an example of his ability on the keys, and in his writing, and his singing also. This is the epic Echoes from the Meddle album (my favourite), this clip in particular from Live in Pompeii (one of the best live concerts you will see). Things seemed so much laid back and simple back then…

I have the DVD for Pompeii if anyone wishes to borrow it. It is a great insight into the workings of one of the enigmatic and yet so private groups of our time. It is particularly interesting to watch as it is interspersed with clips of them in the studio making their next album…Dark Side of the Moon!


Album Art

In this little excerpt I will endeavour to seek out classic, fantastic, curios, and the outright weirdest album covers of all time. By all means suggest some to me and I will look them up and add to future posts.

Starting with one of my favourites, and without doubt one of the most recognisable covers of all time. The enduring artwork of Hipgnosis based on an idea by Storm Thorgeson. In fact, seven different concepts were offered to The Floyd for choice, and all four immediately chose the now famous prism design (“something smarter, neater – more classy”). It was voted the fourth best album cover of all time by VH1.


Dark Side - note that indigo is not included.

 Now for something not so great. I found this little gem by accident. It asks so many questions, there is nowhere to start…maybe I have been going about it all wrong with the ladies myself?


Before Borat and his mankini, there was this...



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