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Asterix & Obelix’s Birthday: The Golden Book

This one is an oddity. Written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Asterix chronicles it is a succession of ‘short stories’, flashbacks, ‘what-ifs’ and other scenarios even I struggled with. Whether it is lost in translation, localised humour, or just the machinations of a man (Uderzo) still smarting at the critique of his previous book (The Falling Sky) it was lost on me in part, but also some very clever humour in others.

It starts interestingly with the village about 50 years after the time all other books are set, so everyone looks older except for Geriatrix. Then we jump back to the present (of you can call it that) and as Asterix and Obelix head out to hunt boar the village plans something special for their birthdays – both share a birthday, however those who follow the series will note that there was some confusion over this in a previous album.

Characters from previous stories are welcomed in as well and share stories and ideas of old including a play, statues, and of course, the women (including their mothers) marriage.

It all gets confusing somewhat, but as I said, there are some very clever moments with reference to modern-day pop culture mixed with older Asterix stories.


Asterix and The Actress

One of the more recent volumes of Asterix.

Asterix and Obelix are surprised on their birthday (which is on the same day) and amongst the characters introduced in this one are both of their parents (who also appeared in “How Obelix Fell Into The Magic Potion…). The fathers have remained behind at their knick knack store and are due to join later but are arrested by some looking to depose Caesar due to a sword and helmet they swapped with a drunk Legionnaire.

In order to retrieve these items the Roman envoy Bogus Genius sends in the actress Latraviata with her consort Fastandfurious to retrieve them from the village where they were given as birthday gifts. The actress has been made up to look like Obelix’s old love-interest, Panacea (who must be said rates with Jessica Rabbit as one the most stunningly drawn cartoon characters – that’s not weird is it?). Read more…

Holiday Reading (long title)…

“How Obelix Fell Into the Magic Potion Whe He Was a Little Boy”

How Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion When…For those who have read an Asterix book or two will be well aware that his more ample mate, Obelix, possesses super-strength that does not require a sip or two of the magic potion made up by the village’s in-house chemist (meth lab?) Getafix. It is referred to on many an occassion how Obelix fell into the potion when he was a child, but now you get the actual story.

In a move away from the traditional cartoon panel layout, this story follows a story book with illustrations. It is narrated by Asterix and is set in a time when they may have been about five years old. Read more…

Holiday Reading – Asterix in Corsica

Asterixcover-20.jpgI have read a lot of these historical records on the Gaulish uprising against Julius Caesar, and of them all this by far would have been one of the most enjoyable, and certainly clever editions.

While you expect a lot of references to Cosa Nostra it doesn’t play on it at length, but makes some little hints at life of the underworld and its ability to keep eerily quiet and calm in the face of adversity and authority, as well as an ability to hold a grudge.

A Corsican chief is exiled to Gaul who is then inadvertently saved during a camp raid by Asterix and co during a tribal celebration (and we see some of our old friends from travels pop up such as Anticlimax and Mykingdomforanos from the tour of Britain, Jellibabix and Drinklikafix from the Banquet, as well as some new ones to come in Senbiorservix and Wineanspirix).

Anyways…so they escort this Corsican back to his homeland, and then get involved in some of the village politics and dealings of their culture, including a near miss when Obelix ‘talks and smiles’ to one gentleman’s sister. Read more…

Book Review – Asterix and the Golden Sickle

Another classic tale by Goscinny & Uderzo.

2nd volume, released 1962

I was given a little tour of my eldest’s classroom the other day and saw this book on their bookshelf and asked her to bring it home for me as I hadn’t read this one. Another good’un by our Frenchie mates depicting the struggle against the odds of a small Gaulish village against the tyranny of Caesar and the Romans.

The Druid, Getafix, has busted his golden sickle which is required for its source of power to the ‘formula’ so Asterix and Obelix take what we know as a road trip to buy him another. Of course they come across baddies in the form of thugs and scores of Roman Legionnaires with predictable results.

While some of the story is lame and filling in gaps, which actually occurs in almost all episodes, at the end of the day it is a cartoon with hidden jokes all the way through, most lost on the reader if their Latin is not up to scratch. But for me, it has been the names, and here are some of my picks from this book;



  • Cacofonix, the Bard
  • Metallurgix, the sickle maker
  • Clovogarlix
  • Surplus Dairiprodus, the Prefect

The main antagonists from the village

For the trivia-minded;
  • it is the first time Cacofonix is tied up in the banquet scene
  • the Prefect is a caricature of actor Charles Laughton

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