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Book Review; Footrot Flats Sports Collection

Very popular in Australasia and in the UK, Footrot Flats was a comic strip devised by Kiwi Murray Ball which was printed in newspapers for close to 30 years. I remember reading it every day in the Christchurch Press and also owned a few of the 20-odd volumes that came out, almost yearly. It was turned into a movie (with a hit title song, personally Dave Dobbyn does my head in, but this a classic tune) in the 80s but it all came to an end when the muse for the main character, The Dog, died.

This volume is a collection of sports anecdotes which are so funny as they are so easily related to, especially by those of us who were week-day farmers and weekend warriors on local sports fields.

If those of you around the world can get your hands on any Footrot Flats, I recommend you do so although some of it will be lost on you.








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New Give Way Rule – for the layman

The real give way rules, – clears up all confusion and tells who really owes the road!

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Who’s With Me?

PiS…I hope the SIS don’t take this as a threat to national security…

PiSS…wait a minute, NZ Intelligence? Sounds like an oxymoron to me!

F ‘n’ C – Cooper’s Catch…

Real beach feel to the place..

On a whim me and the wife took the kids up to Kaikoura for the day yesterday to check out the seals (and if luck permitted, a whale) and a bite to eat. A long way to go for Fish ‘n’ Chips, but let me tell you…it was bloody well worth it!

For those who have followed some of my traipses through the forgotten diners of the Canterbury region you may be familiar with my scathing review on a supposed “best” takeaway joint in Waikuku Beach (stop complaining, you had your chance)…well “best” seems to be the catch cry for any old Tom, Dick and Harry who can deep-fry a potato within an inch of its life, but Cooper’s up in Kaikoura will go down as ‘better than the best’ in my book, and sets a bench-mark for others to follow. Read more…

Who’d be an All Black??

It is every young boy’s dream to be an All Black in this country, and the team over 100 years has become Go-like in stature not just here but in other countries around the world…but is the gloss coming off the national team? Probably not, although the rest of the world are now very aware that they don’t have anything to fear with the black jersey…if the ABs win this weekend they will be lauded as heroes for about 5mins…then the knives will be out once again dissecting every piss poor effort from the team, management, and individuals…and then the assumption will be they will choke in the final as well…

And if they lose to my team, hell will break loose with fire and brimstone, and it won’t be a happy sight. Well, for me it will as again the public turn on the very people they worship. I hope they do beat us, sort of, just so they will shut the fuck up (at least until the next game)…

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