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Aren’t Kids Precious?


Yesterday Miss 2 was wandering around the house lost for something to do when she happened onto me as I was walking into the toilet.

“What are you up to?” I asked her.

“Stilly” she replied.


“Stilly? Cold hands.” It was then I noticed she had both hands in her pockets on her hoody…

“Aaaah, chilly” I corrected.

“Yep.” By now I was standing at the toilet doing what men do, and not pissing over the seat and floor when beside me stood Miss 2 again – now we allow her to watch us use the toilet (as if we could stop her anyway!) in getting her to understand using one as we try to transition her to the potty, or even better, the toilet itself. She watched quietly for a bit before asking “You?”

“Eh?” was all I could muster at that point with my mind elsewhere. “You?” she asked again pointing right at it. “Chilly?”

Now what the hell is that supposed to mean??!!


Is This How Kids See The World?

Now this is cool…and in retrospect it portrays the world in a nicer light…what i want to know is how much time did this person have on his hands? Gee, I’m unemployed right now, hmmmmm, where are those kid’s toys? I am curious to know why so many of them are smiling?

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Friday Funny…

You know Chris, I’m beginning to think you have nothing better to do than send me jokes!

The Candy With The Little Hole

What’s my name?

>Sitting down and reading a book with Renee,¬†she said ‘dad’. My wife was next to me and I recalled how this morning Renee had called me ‘Alfie’ which is what Deanna calls me…so I said that I would prefer Renee to call me ‘Alf’ and turned to Renee and asked “What’s my name?”. Without hesitation, Renee said ‘arsehole’ (or something vaguely similar)…

Next I am chasing Katie through the house who couldn’t stop laughing! Last time I get her to teach our daughter words!

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