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WTF?!? OMG! LOL!!!

Is "creme pie" any better as an explanation? Guys?

 Yesterday the wife stayed home with our eldest who had an ear infection and seemed pretty miserable. The Better-Half took the day off and took her to the doctor…

She TXT me to tell me how it went and that Miss 7 was still a misery guts, but quote “I’m sure I can cheer her up with a hot chick”.

OK, if I was miserable (as I was with debilitating man-flu) a hot chick (especially in skimpy bikini) would cheer me up no end, but determining my seven-year-old’s sexual preferences seems a bit extreme… Read more…


Now I really want this!!!


iPhone users go back to the 1980s

Owners of the slimline iPhone can now turn their gadget into a 1980s-style “brick”.

The chunky devices were the first widely-available mobiles and became a massive hit with City bankers and yuppies.

The phones weighed over a pound and had eight inch-long batteries which lasted just 15 minutes.

British gadget firm Thumbs Up has created a plastic cover to mimic the iconic brick.

Users slot the iPhone into the retro holder, which leaves the phone screen exposed to use normally.


Source, The Sun, via Classic Hits

In one of the stupidest Lawsuits of late…

You’re kidding, right?

via Twitter, this guy should become President of State the Bloody Obvious!

Creating Ringtones for iPhone….

Unlike most other mobile handsets on the market, iPhone does not let you allocate your own music as a ringtone (either default or assigned) unless you purchase that ringtone direct off iTunes. This has it’s own problems in that I struggled to find any that appealed to me; Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Lightnin’ Hopkins etc, or the ringtone you do get doesn’t play the section of the song you actually want. So, dear reader, if you have an iPhone here are the steps to make your own ringtones…

1. Open iTunes and select the song you want to turn into a ringtone. Make a note of the start and finish times (the bar at the top) which you need to get the “section” you want
2. Right click on the song and select “Get Info”
3. Select “Options” and enter the start and finish times of the section of the song you want and click “OK”
4. Right click on the song again and select “Create AAC Version” which will make a new 30 sec (or less of course) version/copy of your song – VFNZ accounts with VMS attached can only ring for a max of 30s (see below about changing ringtime) – standard setting is 20s. Read more…

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