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Book Review – Outpost by Adam Baker


Chilling tale of choices...

Now I have damned to hell a lot of the recent books I have read, so-called ‘number ones’…well Messers Laymon, King, Koontz et al, meet Mr Baker, one of the best horror/thriller writers I have ever read.

This book puts all other zombie and apocalyptic novels to shame.

The plot has a little over a dozen skeleton crew on a disused oil rig inside the Arctic Circle biding their time however they can until they are relieved by the next watch in about six months time. But they are unaware that the world as they knew it is slowly being destroyed by something which is slowly, but surely, making its way to them, and once this realisation has been made they try to figure out how to survive and escape their frozen hell. It is an eclectic gathering of people with their own personal torment to deal while melding into a workable solution while being picked off one by one.

Gravedigger Extraordinaire

I don’t wish to ruin this too much for anyone who might be interested in reading it, other than it is gripping, scary, and thought-provoking all at once. As the catch-cry for it says;

When the end of the world comes, do you want to be the first to go? Or the last to survive?

The must-read book of the year as far as this little known critic is concerned.

And to seal the fact that this is worth reading, the description of the author reads;

Before writing Outpost, Adam Baker worked as a gravedigger and a film projectionist…

You just know with a mix like that he is an expert on his subject matter. Bet his career’s counsellor at high school didn’t see that coming!


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