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Friday Funny…don’t mention the war…or is it Macbeth?

Just for you, Mantis, sunning it up over yonder seas…I fear it may be too early for a beer or many, although it is never too early.

So as you internalise a really complicated situation inside your head, enjoy…


This material has been plundered without permission from You Tube without intent to breach Copyright. Any attempt to say otherwise will result in loss of privileges. Furthermore, I wish to apologise to my Germanic friends and beer makers for any possible offense. If any Scots were insulted, too bad, get fucked.


Comedy Classics – Fawlty Towers (or Flowery Twats)

This really should have been one of the first posts on comedy, but sometimes the wait is well worth it. To a lot of people who come to my blog you may never have heard of it (maybe those as Basil himself would say, Trans-Atlantic tripe), but trust me, this is one comedy that everyone must see.

Based on a real life experience by writer (and then Monty Python stalwart) John Cleese, Fawlty Towers is based on the most dysfunctional hotel owner (Basil, played by Cleese) and his cohort of staff and guests. A mix of what the English are best at, wit, sarcasm, and a dash of slapstick, the sitcom was only written for two seasons and 12 episodes (not including the lesser-known “Tatty Revue”). Connie Booth, who played Polly the chambermaid co-wrote the series (and was in fact married to Cleese during the first season).

The sitcom was voted the Greatest British Television Programme by the BFI in 2000…justifiably so. Typically, it came second when the list of best (worldwide) sitcoms to Frasier (very funny, but as good?). Basil was also voted second amongst greatest TV characters (between Homer Simpson and Edmund Blackadder).
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