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Right. I get a the following Tweet:
Auckland Jolted by Earthquake.
I read on to find out it was a 2.9………..2.9!?!?!

So how is it the 80% of the 7000 earthquakes we’ve had down here that are greater than 2 point bloody 9 don’t get reported? Are we old news already? Or is this Auckland being the known centre of the universe?

Today there were 5 earthquakes around the country larger than this reported on NZ Quakes, the biggest being 4.7 in Te Anau, the other four in CHCH.

Give us a break…wake us when it gets serious. We eat anything under 4.0 for breakky.

PiS…don’t take this post too seriously Auckland.


Knox Hall on Bealey Ave; this photo was taken a few weeks back, but yesterday when I passed it, demo work appears to be underway. Another landmark gone.


My tour of the City Formerly Known as CHCH…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day before the 6.3 that hit us here last week, I had been speaking to Ross Becker about using his photos in my blog. While you may not know who Ross Becker is I have no doubt you have seen his work – his photos have done the rounds via Picasa, Facebook, or by email. He is a fantastic photographer who has been commissioned to take a historical snapshot of the devastation and rebuild. In seeing my posts on the shakes he was more than happy to allow me to use them and add my own captions to them as I take you on a “this was my place”…

So thanks to Ross Becker for kindly allowing me to use his shots in this post. All photos in the slideshow are by Ross and licensed under Creative Commons. You can view the full portfolio at;

 Ross Becker – Picasa


I went to bed last night at about 9-ish, exhausted, but not before I finished the last third of a book as exhaustion doesn’t necessarily mean sleep. I haven’t slept through for months. And then at midnight, my 2 year old woke up crying, so checking in on her it seemed she wasn’t actually awake. Gee, kids shouldn’t be having nightmares. They should be dreaming of rabbits and ponies and eating crayons. So that kept me awake…and just before three, lying there looking at the shadows in an already dark room a 4.7 hit. The house started creaking first as the land took the initial displacment and soon the violent jolts side to side had me laying a hand on Katie under the sheets ready to get her out of bed to the kids if it went longer than say 10 seconds. But seemingly no sooner had it started, it subsided and we awaited the call from Dee in the next room – poor girl, she must be so shattered herself she didn’t even feel it, and she feels everything.

So with my sleep, or any chance of it gone, the head started spinning multiple topics, and some of the next few bullet posts are what spat out…although, the long awaited book now has a first chapter, so watch for that one!

Shake, Rattle and Roll…and I doubt this is the end of it.

I doubt crawling under the desk here is going to be of any help…the size of these ones says that there is nowhere to hide, and the morbid side of me wants to see the Chancellor come down as I look at her out the window. I cannot believe she is still standing after that 6.0 (??) although I am somewhat surprised the building I’m in is still standing. As violent shaking goes, she was up there…the city streets are congested, the over bridge right outside the window has been closed again making traffic chokepoints even worse, and there is a constant sound of sirens as emergency services race from one place to another. With the limited contact outside of here we understand a building has collapsed over Linwood way with people inside, a church somewhere else. The University has been evacuated and so has the Airport. Something big has dropped a mere half a mile away, the dust cloud drifting across indicates sheer size…and all the while, the ground continues to roll sometimes, shake, and the most unnerving of them all, the sudden jots that almost throw you off the chair.

I attended the funeral of a dear old friend last Wednesday, had a shitter of a day at work on the Friday, played the hell game of rugby on Saturday, and then this today…bad fucken time to give up on smokes! But Kurt, God bless him, has Speight’s in the fridge, and if I have anything to do with it, there won’t be one left soon enough (not that I intend to drink and drive, Officer!).

I know my girls are OK, although Katie is still in the CBD somewhere. We have agreed to make our way home as best we can, at least she is north of the CBD so her chances are better than mine. Take care sweet, see you soon xxx

PiS…can you TXT me once you see how the fish tanks are?

PiSS…just remember, when you have a gripe about anything, there is nothing like feeling insignificant in the face of the ground beneath your feet…or the wall of ocean coming over the horizon, or even someone close to you who is not coping with the shaking…there is always someone worse off than you, and that’s key to keeping your sanity.

And still we roll to someone else’s tune…

The time was about 1 in the afternoon. I sat chatting to a lovely young lady and we were completing some paperwork when the shake started. Her first instinct was to stand, white as a sheet. Mine, I grabbed the table with my left hand while I carried on filling in the form, but even after about 5 seconds and the shaking getting bigger (and my writing looking more and more like my seven-year-old girl’s) I put the pen down. It carried on, and while my concept of time can be off, it felt like about 20 seconds, but in three different “waves” with the second middle one being the most violent.

The building we were in is the old Champion Flour Mill, and for those who know it, she is an old building, and the first thing that struck me was as I walked into the building there were three or four massive silos that as I sat at the table now were directly behind me…hmmm. We were evacuated and the flour mill was shut down and the staff went home. Walking through the building the massive cracks in the walls were most evident, even making the staff catch their breath, and they know the building (and its ability to stand up) better than me. Oh well, we will do the forms another day.

I called Katie, and she was fine. She checked on the girls, and to the school’s credit they TXT out that everyone and everything was fine. I TXT some friends and colleagues and satisfied that they were fine jumped in the car and headed to another mate close by…the traffic was chaos as people ran for the hills (so to speak) so I figured I may as well crawl into the first available space and type this out…after he asked me for some help on his phone of …..


FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK !!!!!!! we have just had a cunt of a big one!!! The Chancellor is swaying big time!!!!! And still we shake!

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