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Book Review; Footrot Flats Sports Collection

Very popular in Australasia and in the UK, Footrot Flats was a comic strip devised by Kiwi Murray Ball which was printed in newspapers for close to 30 years. I remember reading it every day in the Christchurch Press and also owned a few of the 20-odd volumes that came out, almost yearly. It was turned into a movie (with a hit title song, personally Dave Dobbyn does my head in, but this a classic tune) in the 80s but it all came to an end when the muse for the main character, The Dog, died.

This volume is a collection of sports anecdotes which are so funny as they are so easily related to, especially by those of us who were week-day farmers and weekend warriors on local sports fields.

If those of you around the world can get your hands on any Footrot Flats, I recommend you do so although some of it will be lost on you.








Read more…


Book Review; Asterix at the Olympic Games

Soon we see the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London, and after what I saw on national news last night, I am not holding out much hope for the opening ceremony.

Anyway, to the book. The 12th volume of the series sees Astrerix, Obelix and Getafix head to Athens to compete in the Olympics which at the time was limited only to Greeks and Romans. The Gauls consider themselves Romans by virtue of being occupied by the invaders which suddenly has some of Rome’s top athletes and administrators worried due to the magic potion.

In what is a funny view into the inner-sanctum of sporting prowess, Greek philosophy and European politics the ROmans become increasingly unconcerned with attempting to take on the Gauls, and there world-famous orgies and feasts soon infiltrate the Greek camp living off olives and vine leaves which in turn concerns the Olympic Committee (which at this point in time does not seem to be susceptible to backhanders and other bribes).

It is worked out that banned substances that increase sporting prowesses are not allowed which then has Obelix banned from competing and Asterix is forced to train So it goes on with some skullduggery (the Greeks seem to be cleaning up everywhere) and the Committee, not wanting to alienate the Romans, creates a new event for non-Greeks only.

This book was printed to coincide with the Mexico Games of 1968 (into English in 1972 to coincide with Munich) and then into a film aligned with the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It also has been adapted into a video game which I believe is a first for the franchise.

Also of note, the two authors make a guest appearance as officials in registering athletes, although their nameplates are in Greek. This is the first time they have appeared in one of their stories.

Book Review; Asterix and the Roman Agent

The fifteenth episode of the Gaulish tales is an interesting tale of what can happen when a bad apple falls into the cart, so to speak.

Julius Caesar still has issues with the indomitable Gauls with the magic potion and is under pressure from the Senate to deal with them. Someone introduces him to a felon, Tortuous Convolvulus who has a knack for stirring up trouble within the ranks which impresses Caesar to get him to infiltrate the village.

Soon there is disharmony amongst the villagers as everyone distrusts everyone else and chaos reigns supreme. Meanwhile the surrounding Roman camps feel the time is ripe to invade when it is assumed that there is no more potion thus denying the Gauls their one defence…however Asterix and Getafix has conspired against everyone to have them believe this which teaches the villagers a lesson while dealing to the Romans quite sufficiently…

This is one of the more enjoyable volumes loaded with more puns than a comic relief, and of course names fire in one after the other.

Book Review – Asterix in Britain


Printed (in English) in 1970, four years after the original French publication, In Britain is the eight volume of the series, and as the name suggests has Asterix and Obelix travelling the English Channel to assist Asterix’s first cousin (once removed) in their battle against the Roman invasion occurring at the time.

This episode is one of the funnier books and is easily related to as the French obviously held the British in the same regard as the rest of the world and most of the mannerisms, colloquialisms and such are commonly perceived (either rightly or wrongly) the world over. Read more…

Book Review – Asterix in Belgium

Boar must be extinct in Europe...

Thanks Karen for lending me this.

The second ever Asterix story I ever had been this one and when my eldest found it at friends and showed me I had to read it again. And like those years ago, I thoroughly, thoroughly loved it. In fact, right now, I cannot think of one I like(d) more.

This is the 24th volume (1980) of the series and follows Chief Vitalstatistix, Asterix, Obelix and little Dogmatix as they enter Belgium in an effort to find out why Caesar has called the Belgians the bravest people on the world instead of our heroes (although in reading almost the whole lot, I would have thought the Normans were). Read more…

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