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Friday Funny…don’t mention the war…or is it Macbeth?

Just for you, Mantis, sunning it up over yonder seas…I fear it may be too early for a beer or many, although it is never too early.

So as you internalise a really complicated situation inside your head, enjoy…


This material has been plundered without permission from You Tube without intent to breach Copyright. Any attempt to say otherwise will result in loss of privileges. Furthermore, I wish to apologise to my Germanic friends and beer makers for any possible offense. If any Scots were insulted, too bad, get fucked.



I’m getting concerned now…


…chick-flicks…check (well, sort of).

…now this.

I watched this after reading an article claiming that Disney’s short film Oscar winner was a rip-off…it is pretty cool…cute, and I’m not just talking about the starring girl.

Already viral, but for those living under a rock…

As a huge fan of Gervais, and the Office (UK) this is a clever little parody embedded within Peter Jackson’s ‘LOTR’…I think it makes the movie better, actually…


…watch the credits for a tribute to the Zucker/Zucker/Abrahams genre.

Hello…? Happy Valentine’s Day

Someone with an apparent skill with splicing and desktop software (and obviously too much time on their hands) has come up with a beaut little clip of screen dialogue and put it to that most tacky of 80s love songs, Lionel Richie’s “Hello”.


Disclaimer; the alfmeister takes no responsibility for the inane humming in your head of this song for the remainder of the day.

The best and worst of fame-seekers…

In an effort to be noticed people will do really f–ked up things, and some of them are just plain cringe-factor or funny as hell.

But this band of nutters from India, “shee-it my nigga!” (done in the voice of Jules Winnfield) they deserve the 15mins of fame. Not entirely for the squeamish though.
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