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One Page at a Time…Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille

549169Short and sweet; a good, good book. The second offering from a friend of mine this book follows a NYPD Detective, John Corey, and his FBI-wife Kate, both of who are consigned to the anti-terrorist squad following 9/11. When they return from a semi-romantic weekend away John notices his colleague has not returned from a surveillance task in the US wilderness of am oil mogul and his guests, and being NYPD, and possibly stereotyped, John takes things into his own hands as he heads into the region to locate his whereabouts.

Facing stiff resistance from everyone, including his wife, the FBI, State Troopers and even the CIA John goes rogue and meets the ultimate foe, Bain Madox; an ex-Vietnam vet with a shitload of cash, loyal troops in his employ, and some very powerful friends within the upper echelons of US politics and the Pentagon. COuld he possibly have something to do with Harry’s death when his body is found not far from the perimeter fence of Madox’s “lodge’?

This book is about as well written as I have read, pages turning quicker than the brain could decipher the words as DeMille took me on a roller coaster ride through the dark world of terrorism, politics, and secret policies. So the very real prospect of the Middle East meeting Nuclear Armageddon via ‘Wild Fire’ (which apparently is true!!) did not come across as a far-fetched scenario sprouting forth from a simple missing persons case.

Normally I would divulge further on the plot, and try to avoid any attempt at spoiling the outcome, but quite literally to the last few pages I still wondered what the outcome would be, and at the risk of sounding morbid, the world being saved, or destroyed would both have been a satisfying ending…but you find out.

DeMille, a writer I am not aware of, has pumped out a beaut here, and has plenty others to his credit it would seem, so a visit to the library is very much on the cards from this hard-to-please reader. But, I would not be a critic if I didn’t say something bad, but I can;t tell if it annoyed me, or was enjoyable, but John Corey (earlier refered to as ‘stereotyped’) made too many wisecracks. Funny, very much so, but even I tend to hold back on them at appropriate times – this guy would try to raise a laugh while a shotgun was pointed at his wife’s head.

Yeah, nah…


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