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Book Review; The Templar Salvation by Raymond Khoury

9781409114031-29c651nBooks that touch on religious artifacts and harp back to the days of yore don’t normally grab me, and throw in an FBI agent and I immediately think “utter shite”, but for some reason I borrowed this book from a friend being short of a book to read. The blurb on the back cover did pique an interest, and despite taking a good three weeks to read (I got immersed in Real Racing 3 on iPad) each chapter increasingly got better and better…to start with.

It started going pear-shaped with the introduction of an Iranian agent who makes the collective Vader, Joker, and Hannibal Lector look like amateurs when it comes to a) having an evil mind b) being able to kill sadistically and c) get out of any situation. Who can stop this man? Enter one FBI agent by the nondescript name of Sean Reilly, and an ex- who has an insatiable appetite for sex and digging for bones, Tess.

So it begins with some Knights of some order or another who are protecting three trunks full of ‘the Devil’s work’ and all these guys sent by the Pope to kill them and get it back. Go forward 700 years and we have a similar parallel story line as both this baddy and some goodies are trying to locate it from ancient scribblings. And that’s pretty much where I’ll leave the story so as not to give away the outcome.

The book is actually well written, and flicking back and forth between the ages is helpful to get a gauge on what is going on and where we are in the pursuit,  the characters are easily recognizable, and the sporadic insertions of historical fact, which can be rattled off the memory better than if read from the book, is long-winded at times, but again helpful.

However, the suspense was ruined many times by the unbelievable, even God-like powers of survival by its characters. While bit parts, normally Turks of the lower socio-economic and not entirely smart get killed with reckless abandon, the three main principals have more lives collectively than a cattery as time after annoyingly regularly time, they slip away with minor cuts and bruises. Shit, even Conrad, of the Order of Templar, or whatever they were called, had supernatural survival skills.

No, the constant need to keep the story alive with chase and counter-chase, capture and evasion, suspense and stupidity ruined what could have been a truly enjoyable read. As it was, it was passable, but hardly a winner nor a recommendation. Ideally for those who find the storyline of the inhabitants of Summer Bay in “Lost and Away” somewhat inspiring.


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