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Book Review; Outrage by Arnaldur Indridason


Icelandic crime, probably not what I ever expected to pick up from the library, but with the wife waiting (im)patiently in the car I pretty ouch grabbed the first thing that looked interesting off the shelf.

And good job.

While trying to get my tongue around some of the Icelandic names (Bjork sounds normal by comparison), and the suspect being figured out in good time, this book is a pretty good read, and by all accounts the guy writes a few of them.

The opening surrounds a young bloke in a bar picking up a girl but slipping a drug into her drink. Next scene he is found dead, wearing the girl’s shirt and with his pants around his ankles…startling to those investigating, he has consumed the same date-rape drug found in his pockets.

A female officer in charge of the case, Elinborg battles her owns issues with her growing kids and laid back husband while trying to track down what seems like a straightforward suspect. Surely the girl who had sex with this guy is responsible, either wittingly or otherwise in the death that has the attention of the small country.

The story takes you through the countryside, to small towns that have the feel of red-neck USA and provides an insight into the life of one of the world’s more remote civilizations and their view of the rest of the world, and themselves.

Date-rape cannot be the easiest crime to write when  one thinks that half of the story (the one drugged) barely has something to say but Indridason does well, although one had to wonder about the continued cooking references which at first seemed to be page fillers rather than part of the plot.

Nevertheless, an easy book to read (and no, your Icelandic will not get any better) and well written plot. The outcome was a little expected, simple for another term, and also had an air of trying to complete a story in quick time rather than better explain motive and the aftermath.


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