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A nice wee touch from Google today...

A nice wee touch from Google today…

I would reserve Friday for a quip, a slight, a dig at other people, institutions, or processes, and despite today being the second anniversary of those who died in the Christchurch Earthquakes, this won’t be any different…with a slight twist.

My involvement during those darks days is common knowledge to anyone who read my blog but whatever happened to me physically or psychologically pales into insignificance to what the families of 180-odd families went through. And one of them has become dear to me by a rather odd sense of fate.

I text Rachel last night to tell her that even though I was in another city today all my thoughts were with her and her kids who enter their second year without their husband, father, friend, and this morning her response was as like a hammer blow between the eyes;

“…you know I have woken up this morning feeling sad…sad for the people who haven’t known big love in their lives!”

So, this is my little piece of advice to you all, not that I am one to impart such knowledge *ahem* by way of a strong woman;

You have one crack at it people, and if you’re lucky enough to be happy in life and in love, acknowledge it, embrace it, and share it.

If you’re not, do something about it.

And if work bothers you, or results in a test, or pissed off over a talkback caller, it is worth noting that if these are the only things in life that bother you it can’t really be all that bad now, can it?


We are no more at risk from smoking as we are behind the wheel of a car, from choking on our muffin (close-run thing that!), or from clipping our toe nails…but if the earthquakes have taught us nothing, your time can come anytime, anywhere…

Ake Ake Kia Kaha, Christchurch (and NZ)…

PS…just to make it clear, I’ve not gone all religious or anything…just saying.


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