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Book Review – A Perfect Divorce by Francesca Clementis

0749935219.01._SX140_SY224_SCLZZZZZZZ_As with the last book I read (The Man Who Forgot His Wife) I have to admit some disappointment in this also not being a ‘self-help’ book, but I expected high things regardless…

…and was disappointed, somewhat.

The premise makes for a humorous and easy read; a couple (Jen and Mark) who have been together since year-dot who get married, only a short time later to get divorced. The conundrum of who gets what makes for a story in itself (in this case, a collection of corny movies on VHS amongst others) but when this extends into who by rights has full support and loyalty from their mutual friends, you know it will bring out some funny stuff.

Except in this book it didn’t.

While the story was somewhat well-written with bursts of wit and charm it gets lost in a myriad of what can best be explained as ‘unlikely and far-fetched’ scenarios. It took me longer than I would normally spend on a book and this is in part due to the frustrations of listening to Jen trudge through a life fraught with split decisions and an incessant fear of change, but she is really only a creation, and I think Francesca must take blame for putting too much on her plate. Case in point; Jen and Mark have been a couple since school, and into Uni (with some indiscretions along the way!). They marry, as it seems to be the adult thing to do (and there are hints it wasn’t going to work), and within 10mths (Kim Kardashian?) divorce over Jen’s need to bear child.

So, after an eon with one man (her only man it transpires), it all ends. With nothing to go back on, revert to, or rule book on being single, what does Jen do?

When me and my now wife broke up for a short time some years back I went into a state of depression, and may well have drunk close to a bottle of vodka a night (thanks 42 Below!), smoked like a train, crashed a motorbike, and at one point fell off my deck into the garden….umn, over a period of time, not in one night! Seemed liek the right thing to do.

Not Jen. Within days she has set up a date profile online, and organised her very own speed-date night. A man who needs her origami skills (yep, that’s what her skill is, poor girl never stood a chance) ends up shagging her for a bit as well while Mark makes an entrance back into her life (and shags her too) and her best friends’ men (note grammar, two of them) make passes at her as well!

Right, if you so desire, read it yourself. It will be the perfect inane dribble for some of you as it doesn’t require any actual forethought to get through it unless you take on a cynical approach like I did due to one indiscretion too many, and it is funny in more moments than not…but personally, there are plenty more books on the shelves you could and should enjoy.


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