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Book Review; Dancing in the Moonlight – Ronnie Barker

images-63I have seen other reviews on this book and it never got any real raps and I suspect this is due to the fact that those who picked it up expected the ‘later’ Ronnie, he of Two Ronnies, Open All Hours, Porridge fame, and if you are looking for that, this is not the book for you. However I loved it…

This is an autobiography from one of the indisputable funny men of all time before he hit the big time in the shows mentioned above while he was plying his trade as a serious actor in theatre, not the West End or Broadway, but dingy little repertory theaters in the UK in the 50s. It is a heartfelt and stark tale of the pain he endured and the work he put in to leave the world of banking to follow his dream. It drops in famous names at time to time and tells of meetings with people who influenced him and ultimately helped him to get to where he reigned for 40 years.

As Ronnie cannot help himself doing, there are plenty of jokes and humorous tales of his exploits as you see how honed his skills on stage…the photos are limited, and this is somewhat understandable given the time elapsed and technology available, but it could so have done with more.

A must read for anyone like myself who adored the man.


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