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Piss off, you Greenie c-nt!!

Let’s wish for bygone days where teachers were respected in the community for bashing kids into hardened individuals rather than moddly-coddling them like retards.

The debate of gay/same-sex marriages has been in full swing in New Zealand of late, and while I have never harboured an issue against it, after last night my support for it has grown ten-fold…

Let men marry men, and women marry women.

Give it a couple of generations and we will have completely wiped out Green Party politicians and supporters!

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in saving the animals and all that stuff, but as I am a voting, tax-paying, masturbating, smoking and drink driving adult I choose which way, and how far, I lean on such issues. But no one, including myself has the right to brainwash my kid into any such trains of thought at 8 years old.

And don’t even start me on the religious studies in school (an ongoing debate between me and my wife).

So to last night.

My oldest girl was performing in her school’s production and of course there was an expectation for my attendance which I happily did as she has a natural flair for the arts. Expectations were high as the last production we attended two years ago was enjoyable but this quickly turned to anger and despair when the night’s programme was handed to me on presenting our tickets.

For a junior school production the arts teacher (or whatever the role is) had chosen a play based around the story of a future Earth depleted of natural resources surviving on the power of a blue crystal. This crystal is stolen by warriors from a distant planet (that apparently only takes 5mins to fly to) who need it for similar reasons. WTF?

Why are kids aged between 5 and 12 being used as political pawns by left-wing, hemp wearing, carbon-free activists to push a message of environmental harmony to an audience well aware of the consequences? To me this is a disgusting methodology and is becoming all too familiar in our schools.

It is interesting to add here that my eight year old daughter did not in fact know what the message in the play was when I asked her in the car on the way home!

Take away the fact that the production itself was as painful to watch as The Office US is irrelevant (who are these supposed thespians being implanted into our schools? Thankfully we have our girl in Glee Club). Add to this that all of the songs were in fact lip-synced which made Milli Vanilli look pro, but this is a side issue and is expected in junior school.

Not a single parent I spoke to afterwards or this morning enjoyed it. They were either unsure of what it was about, or were pissed off that their kids were hidden from view like a sanitary bin when they were looking forward to beaming their pride, hiding embarrassment from nose picking or videoing the whole thing on their iPhone 4.

The teacher’s role in society is to educate kids on the traditional aspects of schooling in preparation for higher education.

It is NOT their place to give the child a conscience. Its time for them to remove the leather elbow patches and Jesus sandals and rejoin society somewhat…but thats just my view…

Save a whale…spear a greenie…




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One thought on “Piss off, you Greenie c-nt!!

  1. I agree about teachers trying to push their propaganda on to students, so that they in turn will pass it on at home! I bet that teacher was so proud of herself and promptly went on PETA/Greenpeace website to boast about his/her silly antics he/she called a play! You should complain to the school or you’ll get another play next year that’s worst than the blue stone save the earth play.

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