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Book Review; The Flight by MR Hall

Before I read this book I didn’t know the specific role of a coroner, other than make a call on how someone died. This book detailed exactly their role and threw in a thrilling and intriguing story to boot.

While I take plaudits and tabloid reviews on books with a bag of salt it seems everyone who did rave about the series of novels centered on Coroner Jenny Cooper got it bang on. There is very little to pick apart in the style and picture painting that is a credit to Hall. To reiterate that point, Hall is in fact a male writer writing about the inner thoughts and feelings of a female, and while I guess plenty novelists probably do write on the POV of the opposite sex, until I researched the author after I read the book I actually thought Hall was a Hall-ess.

So to the story itself; an Airbus A380, the largest and safest plane in the air crashes into the Severn Estuary with complete loss of life and while the investigation falls under the jurisdiction of England’s Ministry, the discovery of two bodies on the river bank fall into Cooper’s. One, a very young girl who was a passenger is the only one of the entire complement to have a life jacket on, the second the sailor of a yacht which happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. By deduction, guesswork and luck Cooper finds out that the deaths of these two is not quite as straight forward as it seems, and when spooks from both sides of the Atlantic start showing up in an attempt to make Cooper do as they say, the plot thickens into the darker side of politics, terrorism and Government cover ups.

I don’t want to give anymore away than this as it would spoil the book somewhat as the conclusion was one I didn’t (quite) see coming, and even though this books comes in sometime after novels there is no spoiling of continuation. Unfortunately there was the obligatory love interest however not to the extent where it smacked on Hollywood in that is was somewhat subtle.

Top read, with a frighteningly plausible reality!


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