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Just to rub salt into the wound…

For caption, please refer to inner sense of worth…you can make your own mind up, which I am sure God would have wanted, if there is a God. Prove to me that Evolution was a figment of the imagination and I will worship a

God…starting with Jimi¬†Hendrix – he’s a brutha who didn’t judge…shiiiit!

Source; Oatmeal; How to Suck at your Religion, no attempt at breach of Copyright…just making a concerted stand…is it the First Amendment?


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One thought on “Just to rub salt into the wound…

  1. cremoore on said:

    I’m not religious, but I believe in GOD! And nothing you’ve said on here bothered me one bit, because you do have a right to your beliefs and opinions. It amazes me how much people believe in every word of the bible but don’t practice half of it’s “teachings” starting with thou shalt not judge! I guess they practice that religion called selective sins! They have morals unless they’re horny or are righteous unless they have some good gossip and practice humility (or humiliation) only when their daughter gets pregnant or their son announces he gay! I have to tell ya I LMAO at Jimi Hendrix being a GOD! Power to the great guitarist!!!!!!!

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