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My first demotivational poster…


Might be lost on those outside of NZ…


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5 thoughts on “My first demotivational poster…

    • the alfmeister on said:

      Fair enough, but we all are allowed to foster out opinions; it’s what separates us from Communism. My concerns lay not with the city itself but in the manner it which Tamaki presents and sells the ‘system of belief’. Tell me, Richie, what is his personal worth? My olde brother went through a ‘stage’ and was a Mormon (a smoking, drinking, rooting Mormon I might add, “I’ll recant later” was his argument) and he was forced to give up a chunk of his hard earned pay to finance the faith. What faith makes people do this? You will no doubt argue that all do and you’d be right. But what does that tell you about religion where you have to pay for God’s love and forgiveness? It’s a scam no less devious than those out of Nigeria in my view. Even when I hit my lowest ebbs in suffering from depression or the pressures of life and family burden me, I can be proud of the fact that I am in that no-man’s land between agnostic and atheist…and leaning further in one direction.
      Destiny is what we make it, not what others tell it is.
      Good luck with your venture, maybe it would be better received if it weren’t for the person fronting it.

  1. For a bit of context, it is not a walled city for accommodation. anything else you need to know:

  2. cremoore on said:

    You tell’em Alfie! Ok this seems to be a serious convo so I’ll stop with the jokes! Ok one last joke…is there a centralized kool aide stand???? Jim Jones would’ve loved that! Ok NOW I’m done!

    • the alfmeister on said:

      Somehow I doubt you I’ll ever be done! I saw someone’s jibe at a drinks stand and thought it funny, wonder if Pepsi or Coke are looking to sponsor them?

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