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Was there ever any doubt?

I cannot believe they are addressing this again!

Sure, there are some mountain villages in Eastern Mongolia who haven’t had the need to debate (too strong a term in this case) the argument (again, too strong, there is no argument)…and then we will have some Green Party card-bearing virgins who devoted a life to following manufactured boy bands of the 90s who wouldn’t know which has unfortunately infected a later generation through the likes of American Idol spinoffs with the collective talent as a swimming pool full of thalidomides…

But Rolling Stone, shame, shame, shame on you! In a futile attempt to change history (which wasn’t, I might add) or the need to earn a quick buck off the ultimate muso’s conversation piece, it seems blatantly stupid to vote and publish something as obvious as this…

…and what is that? No, not “The Meaning of Life”, not “Does my Arse Look Big in This?”. It is none other than who is the greatest guitarist…ever.

To quote from the link I read;

Jimi Hendrix has seen off competition from a string of Brits  to top a new Greatest Guitarists poll.

The rock legend landed at number one on the Rolling Stone  list ahead of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards and Jeff Beck, who make  up the top five.

Excuse my forthright response to this, but no shit Sherlock!

While I have made it clear that Blackmore is by far and away my favourite axemen I am not stupid enough to doubt or feel the need to rank Hendrix’s ability. The guy is to rock music what Bradman was to cricket, Gates to money-making, Kennedy to politics. No question, no need, no way. When this subject has come up in casual conversation between me and mates, and it has more times than I care to quote, the question invariably is “So, starting at number two, who are the greatest guitarists ever?”.

Rounding off the top ten we have the usual suspects, well, when I say usual as far as the populace is concerned, some I sort of agree, others have been hyped way too much due to the act they played rather than the talent and influences they spawned…we have Clapton next (overrated), Jimmy Page (ditto), Keith Richards (based on what?), Jeff Beck (damned straight!), BB King (I think there are better at his craft), Chuck Berry (a pioneer), Eddie van Halen (possibly higher than he should be), Duane Allman (hmmmm), Pete Townshend (probably should be higher).

So where is Blackmore? SRV? Gilmore? Gallagher? Satriani? Kossoff? Oh, the humanity…

I noted with disdain in the last such RS list they had Joni Mitchell in the Top 100. Can we define what makes a great guitarist? It will be interesting to see where the new up and coming Orianthi comes in, so if you know the full list, please let me know.

Christ, I wonder if this list amounts to some sort of match-fixing, tail wagging the dog type of conspiracy…

I put this clip in for two reasons…firstly, don;t piss Jimi off; this was the result of a small ‘disagreement’ between Hendrix and Townshend, secondly, while not the best show of his guitar playing (“Rock Me Baby”, Wind Cries Mary” and of course “Hey Joe” were highlights of this concert) it showcases the on stage persona he was. Personally for me his showing at Fillmore East, Woodstock and the ultimate Isle of Wight are the best I have seen.


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One thought on “Was there ever any doubt?

  1. Finally! Gawd have you seen the best rockers list???? Don’t! Guns N Roses number one?!?? Gawd I liked to have puked! Don’t get me wrong I like them but…And don’t get me started about Rory not being AT LEAST in the top 10! Blasphemy!

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