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Book Review; Get Rommel by Michael Asher

My love for reading historical records from WWII is always tempered by this remark; “How the hell did we not end up speaking German?” and this book is yet another that reinforces just how bloody lucky we were. It was no small miracle that Hitler was by himself tactically stupid yet only just more stupid than those in power, collectively, in the UK…

This book brilliantly tells one of the lesser-known secret ops of WWII to capture, or kill the greatest General of the wart, Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox. This one botched plan was also the birth of Special Forces, namely the Commandos, SAS and SBS and from inauspicious beginnings and typically English aristocracy it is a wonder that such revered fighting men ever came from it.

This book tells a great story covering desert warfare, tactical achievements and failures, bumbling chains of command and sincere character references making it a fascinating, frustrating and very easy read for anyone who is interested, or not interested in war. As much designed to tear down the aura of invincibility of the SAS as applaud it Asher is in no doubt who were the heroes and who were the idiots of the campaigns to the point of all but discrediting a posthumous Victoria Cross…touchy subject, but if the book is to be taken as gospel you would agree however this vein of cynicism does maintain a strong presence right through the book, whether rightly or wrongly it becomes a subjective matter.

The only crticism of the book I would mention is a lack of pictures that are relevant to the story.



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