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Book Review; The Titanic Secret by Jack Steel

Strictly speaking I am not a Titaniac but I have watched and read a lot on the world’s greatest disaster and so was looking forward to getting through this book. A mix of fact and fiction the story follows a British and American spy aboard the RMS Titanic on here maiden voyage. They are planted there to tail and dispose of three Germans who have in their possession a plan to have the US side with Germany in a pre-emptive war against Britain and her Empire.

It makes for a great plot line once you can get your head around the fact that it was pretty damned unlikely and of course history has taught us otherwise, but in a race against time the agents live and love life onboard the world’s greatest liner which of course, unbeknownst to all, is about to keep a date with a pretty large chunk on ice in the middle of the Atlantic.

Taking the pending iceberg out of the story the plot throws in a curve ball in the fact that disaster or not, Titanic was never destined to reach New York and it is this side story that I found to be the gripping and well told. I was finding it harder and harder to keep with Alex and Maria (the spies) in their cat-and-mouse game with Voss & co (the baddies) as the constant references to “bad omens” about the trip and ‘damned English’ attitude to everything was winding me right up.

And as one would expect, the story could not help but make some sort of love interest occur although thankfully not as obvious as Jack and Rose in the movie.

This book was only published this year so is as new as one could expect, not that it matters considering the Titanic sunk 100 years ago, and it will appeal to a lot of readers out there. But for me I found the plot line too predictable and the ending (as so many of my recent books have done) was amateurish and unfulfilling, but that’s just me.

Doesn’t the author’s name seem like that you would expect in a spy novel?


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