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Book Review; The Bad Place by Dean Koontz

Believe it or not this is the first ever Koontz novel I have read. And if I were to be so shallow and regard the entire collection by one reading, I wouldn’t read another again. However I am fair if not judgemental and the guy must have something as he has written and sold so many novels so I will endeavour to find another. I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be a massive disappointment as Richard Laymon proved to be.

This book promised so much and yet delivered so little although it is well written in that it is easy to picture the scenes no matter how far-fetched and silly they may appear to be. But by no stretch of the imagination was this scary, and I am easily scared. in fact the only time in the whole 500 pages where I was mildly uncomfortable was the introduction of some spider-like creature (I’m a chronic arachnophobic) and even this proved to be nothing more than some semi-mechanical, GM-ed space worker-type insect. Meh.

And as Americans are want to do, there has to be a romance or love somewhere intertwined in amongst the horror and deprivation. Meh, again.

Call me cynical but I like my make-believe to actually be believable in some sort of unlikely but possible way, but this book wasn’t. Even throwing in some hermaphrodite-incestual in-breeding (yep, you heard me) only served to push way beyond the realms of what is fiction and what is just ‘words on a page’. I’m still uncertain if Candy (not really a name befitting the ‘monster’ in this book) was a vampire or just someone with a neck/blood fetish??

Listen to me, like I’m sort of story writer…maybe not, but I am still a reader and like my rants on fast foods here in NZ, I sometimes feel I have been cheated when a book is raved about only to turn out like seeing your hot sister in the buff; unacceptable and ultimately disappointing.


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4 thoughts on “Book Review; The Bad Place by Dean Koontz

  1. I read a couple of his older books, and they were really good. I think that his writing isn’t quite as…well… good as it used to be.

  2. the alfmeister on said:

    I will try an earlier book after the mind has cleared itself of this one. I just become hesitant of recommendations now, the last real recommendation was to read Richard Laymon which became the worst load of tripe I have read. I have a few more books which I am reading and then will look to Mr Koontz, he must’ve got his reputation somewhere, now I just have to find it.

  3. cremoore on said:

    I’m a fan of his writing but even don’t like EVERYTHING! I’ve learned to read the back cover and tell whether I will like it or not. I prefer his trilogies and series books. Oh you’re not a story writer eh? waiting patiently…NOT!

  4. the alfmeister on said:

    Hello CreMoore, how are you? I guess everyone has some good lines and some bad lines in them…sorry, I have re-edited about half of Chptr 10 but find myself going back over it a lot as it is a pivotal one, and the longest one to date too.

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