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Book Review; Asterix and the Roman Agent

The fifteenth episode of the Gaulish tales is an interesting tale of what can happen when a bad apple falls into the cart, so to speak.

Julius Caesar still has issues with the indomitable Gauls with the magic potion and is under pressure from the Senate to deal with them. Someone introduces him to a felon, Tortuous Convolvulus who has a knack for stirring up trouble within the ranks which impresses Caesar to get him to infiltrate the village.

Soon there is disharmony amongst the villagers as everyone distrusts everyone else and chaos reigns supreme. Meanwhile the surrounding Roman camps feel the time is ripe to invade when it is assumed that there is no more potion thus denying the Gauls their one defence…however Asterix and Getafix has conspired against everyone to have them believe this which teaches the villagers a lesson while dealing to the Romans quite sufficiently…

This is one of the more enjoyable volumes loaded with more puns than a comic relief, and of course names fire in one after the other.


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