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Book Reveiw; You Don’t Have To Be Evil…

With a title that is the literary equivalent to a Pink Floyd song, the full working name of this book by Tom Holt is You Don’t Have To Be Evil To Work Here But It Helps.

Imagine a place, not unlike a lawyer’s office or accountants where you could walk in and make pacts with the Devil, bank with the Undead, or simply buy a love potion. Well in Tom Holt’s book this is possible and the way it is written, it almost sounds plausible. From a writer who puts a comic spin on the supernatural and trans-dimensional I am fast becoming a big fan of his but must admit I sometimes get lost in his gooble-de-gook explanations of how alternate dimensions and universes work although this is half the fun.

The story follows multiple characters caught up in a situation where Heaven, God forbid, has made a wee mistake somewhere in time and along with Hell try to set aside differences to put it right. Smack bang in the middle is J W Weir’s, a sort of broker between the two based in London who somehow get mixed up in the cleanup right in the middle of signing a deal between the Director of a Widget manufacturer (no, I don’t know what one is either) and a representative for Satan in allowing his business to weather hard financial times in exchange for his soul. Also somehow caught up is his hope;less case of a son, Colin, and the Weir’s Acquistions and Mergers rep, Cassie who fall in love despite the fact that they find each other somewhat repulsive…

What the Hell could be going on?

This is not a bad read although I found it difficult at times trying to keep pace with flashbacks, multiple scenarios and to an extent, the ending was a little disappointing. But Holt has got a wicked sense of humour and is very good with puns and wise cracks and there is always a giggle or two in each chapter…


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