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Book Review; Dark Waters by Lee Vyborny

I love naval history and more and more I find myself drawn to the cloak and dagger carry-ons of submariners during The Cold War…and this book probably is as good a representation of the latter than any other I have read.

But don;t expect cat and mouse chases under the Atlantic, Red October type thrust and counter thrust, not even world-on-the-brink-of anihlilation stuff. As far as subs go, this one is probably the most boring and yet most fascinating of all books I have read on the subject to date.

While the romantic and tough-guy persona goes to those in attack-subs and the ‘boomers’ the nondescript NR-1, the smallest nuclear-powered sub ever made has had a life that other crews could only hope for and yet have nightmares about serving with. The sub was the brainchild of a controlling Admiral in the 60s, took 10 years to build, and at time of print (some 10 years ago) was still in service in close to its original form.

Its crews have come as close to death as any before or since on one tour than most would in a career, and have recovered planes and missiles from depths well past that of the Titanic, and with nuclear-power, wheels, and the living space smaller than your average people-mover has achieved things of legend.

And until this book came along, no one, even the navy, knew what it was. This is most understood when you read about the search and recovery of a Phoenix missile. To date still most of its expeditions are kept classified…

A book that is very hard to put down and almost gives you claustrophobia it won’t appeal to a lot, even war-mongering, fatigue-wearing, paintballing nutters, but well recommended by this fellow.


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