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Food Review – McD’s ‘Sydney Stack’ combo…

Disclaimer; actual burger may differ from that advertised…hang on! Was there tomato in the burger????

It was hardly a stack…more a small pile but I do see what they’re trying to do.

In the latest line of promotional food lines by the yellow arches we see one of life’s biggest contradictions; fast food promoting the world’s elite athletes, although I suppose that the majority of said athletes are injecting, ingesting, and investing in all manner of artificially produced steroids and supplements makes the link a little more believable.

But we’re not here to cast aspersions on the farce that is the Olympic Games, that’ll come in due course…to the burger itself.

I haven’t had the opportunity to let myself go on one of the big three in some time so was pleasantly surprised when the wife gave me some pocket-money to splash out on lunch today, and so it was rushing off the McD’s to see what new was on the menu.

The ‘Sydney Stack’ stood out, partly due a sense of patriotism at being an Aussie, partly because the other promotional offering, Atlanta’s Pork McRib looked like the Atlanta Letter Bomber had gotten to it first. And as my eyes are always larger than my stomach, and hindsight is 20/20 I ordered the large combo which set me back $11.

Its not as bad as it looks…however the fries were as bad as they looked.

The photo, as is always the case with any meal I have ordered and received looks nothing like the grand offering in the posters, however as burgers go it looked better than just about every other I have done in the past. The burger has bacon, a meat pattie, a pineapple ring, beetroot and a BBQ sauce on it, although I wasn’t aware of the bacon or the sauce until almost halfway through it – the bacon was cooked to within an inch of becoming leather, and the sauce was a culinary representation of what the Australian Capital Territory is to NSW; small and insignificant which is shame as the sauce, coupled with the pattie and the pineapple was the highlight.

I was a little bemused at the beetroot…traditionally Kiwis claim this addition to a burger as their own, so to see it in an Aussie offering is warranting arguments along the lines of Crowded House, Russell Crowe and Keith Urban…personally, you can keep the lot.

The burger overall was pretty bloody tasty once one could pick out hard chunks of bacon from one’s teeth and with the fries (very much stale and overcooked they appeared to have been tanning in Ibiza) and large Coke/Raspberry mix I had proved to be a sufficient meal which did not have me feeling underdone. I’m not one to rate it on a scale, but I would go so far as to say this is a nice burger, and may vary from restaurant to restaurant, so if you trust your local to make good, consistent burgers, get it.


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2 thoughts on “Food Review – McD’s ‘Sydney Stack’ combo…

  1. The Sydney Stack is (was) the best McD’s burger!

    • And luckily we live in a society that allows people to make their own decisions. And with that understanding, I have no choice but to disagree with you as I would rather have my testicles squeezed in a vice while fire-ants nips at the fleshy part of skin between afroe-mentioned scrotum and my bum-hole while listening to Lady GooGoo do cover versions of Led Zep…

      Enjoy your burger and whatever belly-upset that comes with it.

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