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Book Review; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sausages…

…a comedy of transdimensional tomfoolery, by Tom Holt…

Loved it…and if you are a fan of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’, ‘Red Dwarf’, or even love “Back to the Future’ you are going to enjoy this.

Meet Polly, she is an in-house lawyer who starts noticing that someone is drinking her coffee, and writing ‘HELP’ on her notebook. And when she can’t find her local dry cleaners when she goes to pick up a dress, she has a slight suspicion something is amiss.

Getting her brother, Don, a muso (of course) to pick it up for her (to confirm of deny the dry cleaner is where it is meant to be) he also finds it ‘missing’…however, with the assistance of some strands of hair, a shape-changing pencil sharpener, and concentric universe methodology, he retrieves the dress…and so starts a tale that requires more than just lateral thought processes.

This book snaps you right from the word go by providing us the inner-thoughts of a farmyard sow (yes, of the pig variety) whose command of thermonuclear physics but lack of opposable thumbs is priceless, and rarely does the book stop blowing your mind. But unlike a lot of books, it actually gets funnier and funnier, and when Stan Gogerty (a transcendental sleuth) is called in to assist with explaining it all, I nearly lost it. His explanation of concentric universes is uproariously funny and his self-thought processes are amusing.

And it all boils down to one thing…the most asked question there is; What came first? The chicken or the egg….and you will soon know the answer and be set free!



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