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Book Review – The Watch That Ends The Night

“Voices From The Titanic”, a Novel by Allan Wolf

There is no bigger story than that of the Titanic. This year marked the 100 year anniversary of its sinking and in that century there have been many tales, true and fiction depicting that fateful sailing.

This book is a blend of fact and fiction and makes that clear, however it is written so well that one could be forgiven for believing its authenticity. This is not a story designed to dispel or create new myths, this is no a reference to be used for ‘Titaniacs’, this is not a blatant means to cash in on one of history’s greatest triumphs, and failures.

Introducing a cast made up of (mostly) actual passengers it narrates their path of fate and experiences prior to, during, and after the voyage of Titanic and done so well you feel yourself choosing favourites and dismissing others. Even the iceberg itself is a major character in this book and shows a matyr-ish and dark side to nature vs. human.

It took barely four days to complete this 400+ page book, and considering that coincided with a weekend full of rugby, hockey and babysitting while a wife was laid up with the flu could be taken as testament to the enjoyment of the book. Even the notes section at the end of the book was a fascinating read in itself with facts and figures over the complement and fascinating statistics.

If I had to draw any criticism for the book (which in a way is also a plus) it is the method of both writing and printing on the pages…I guess Wolf was trying to capture the period in the way he wrote in short stanzas and paragraphs, however at times rhyming prose was used sparingly, but it made me read following chapters ‘looking’ for the poem which didn’t exist. I may not have explained this all that well, but if you read it, and you should, you will understand what I mean.

Great book.


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