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Book Review; Errol & Fidel, and the Cuban Rebel Girls

A novel by Boyd Anderson

Heck…where do I start with this little gem?

As a random pick out from the library’s new books offerings the title had three things that I could be interested in; Errol Flynn, a Tasmanian-born actor whom I knew little about but had seen a couple of his movies, Fidel Castro, the man responsible for green fatigues, beards, and cigars becoming fashion accessories, and Cuban Rebel Girls, although I have never seen one, but sounded kinda saucy.

So to reading it…I’m not sure what point it was in the book but I found myself desperate to get access to Wikipedia as I had crossed some sort of threshold where I wasn’t sure what was fiction, what was stark reality, and buggar me if there isn’t some truth to this book. Of course Errol Flynn was such a man but his philandering, rooting and a tooting ways (and with some rather young girls it would seem) was all true. And of course we all know about Fidel, the man who made revolution such a sexy word, but the fact that these two actually knew each other was now something beyond comprehension…and here’s the twist…it was in fact Cuban Rebel Girls that brought this whole thing together…really. But maybe not in the way you may think…

This was a great read which took fact and used some poetic license to narrate a story which takes you on a great trip into the life of one of Hollywood’s superstars, one of America’s most hated, and the Cuban Revolution (even Che Guevara pops into the script).

Yep, Mr Anderson this is a great read and at times a hell of a funny story, and though we all know how it ended, it still came as a shock.

I don’t want to give too much away…get it out and enjoy…

And to prove it, here is Errol and Fidel…

Errol and his 15 year old (although I believe she may have been 16 here) girlfriend, Beverley Aadland (see, true)


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