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Book Review – Above Suspicion

By Linda La Plante

I know it seems all I do on this site is book reviews and I am in no doubt many of you are showing withdrawals from not having my sordid tales of the pit of hell that was (and still is) my life…I will get back into soon, I promise…its just that I find myself spending most nights doing blogs and other Social Media outlets for others and it takes away time…but never from reading which is the one escape I have.

So, to the second book mates of mine left here when they came to stay. This book is a beaut! Crime fiction can be so hit and miss but Linda has got the story telling down pat. From hooking you in with some gruesome autopsy to becoming fascinated in the lives of the two main characters, a seasoned homicide detective and the rookie, a young female cop roped in to help with a possible serial killer. In the vein of the Ross & Rachel “will they, won’t they” the side story of the two cops had me somewhat hooked, and personally I hate how writers feel obliged to put in some sort of love story or gratuitous sex…but not this time which had hints of both.

So, back to the story…London seems to have a serial killer and while the cops are continually frustrated with trying to catch a break they also have to battle with internal politics and their own demons. And when it seems the killer may also be involved in killings across the Atlantic, the case takes on biblical proportions.

Then they finally have a suspect. But as a high-profile actor with all the schmooze and graces of royalty it becomes a battle between the two characters; one believing he is the killer, the other believing otherwise. It is the classic ‘circumstantial’ evidence versus hard facts.

Loved the book, and it has come to my knowledge there are more in the ‘series’. Well put me down for one of two and lets hope she can keep up the great story telling.



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2 thoughts on “Book Review – Above Suspicion

  1. I hate the side love/sex also it drives me crazy and it’s come to the point where I skip over it. Ha who wants to have sex in the middle of running for your friggin life?!? Never mind most of you men would thinking it might be your last chance before you die! LOL

  2. the alfmeister on said:

    At least in this book it wasn’t OTT…although now and again I wish an author would just tell sex like it actually happens…heads bumping, falling over, the odd fart, impotence, and laughter at the size of one’s todger…now that’s sex…right? Please don;t say that’s just how I do it???

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