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Book Review – Bullet Proof

By Matt Croucher, GC

Normally I wouldn’t read too many books like this, modern warfare doesn’t really excite me; it just doesn’t have the romanticism that WWII has. That is not taking anything away from our modern-day fighters and is not meant to show disrespect, but in today’s battlefields the technology available to take out a baddie gives it the feel of a video game. However the argument is that the baddies have that same technology.

A mate left me this book to read and I have to admit I enjoyed it. Following a young lad’s quest to become a Royal Marine Commando and training through to his postings in Iraq and Afghanistan this book does well to point out just how brutal and necessary the war on terror is. But for me the poignant moment comes from his return home, a supposed hero and his inability to cope with ‘normal’ life, and his despair that his own country was imploding internally as well (his fight with some youths, and then a cop will explain). He left the Marines only to find he missed the action and his mates and rejoined in the war against the Taliban, and if Iraq must have seemed a hell hole, this place is Satan’s own bathroom.

It finishes as it starts off; the incident and receipt of his George Cross for putting his own life at risk to save others, and his blase meeting with The Queen.

A good book, well told and written, if a little sporadic and peppered with slang and jargon.


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