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New Give Way Rule – for the layman

The real give way rules, – clears up all confusion and tells who really owes the road!

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“Ferrari Refutes The Decline of the West”.

In this, O’Rourke describes an epic journey made by him and his boss (a certain Julian Weber) across the United States in a Ferrari 308GTS, which Ferrari North America (based in New Jersey, on the East Coast) wanted delivered to Los Angeles (on the West Coast) for use in a film that was to be made in Hawaii. O’Rourke gets the job because one of the magazines he regularly writes for is Car and Driver. He enjoys the trip because the car is so wonderful, and in particular so effortlessly fast.

We came by a 930 Turbo Porsche near the Talladega exit. He was going about ninety when we passed him, and he gave us a little bit of a run, passed us at about 110, and then we passed him again. He was as game as anybody we came across and was hanging right on our tail at 120. Ah, but then — then we just walked away from him. Five seconds later he was nothing but a bathtub-shaped dot in the mirrors. I suppose he could have kept up, but driving one of those ass-engined Nazi slot cars must be a task at around 225 percent of the speed limit.

But not for us. I’ve got more vibration here on my electric typewriter than we had blasting into Birmingham that beautiful morning in that beautiful tour across this wonderful country from the towers of Manhattan to the bluffs of Topanga Canyon so fast we filled the appointment logs of optometrists’ offices in thirty cities just from people getting their eyes checked for seeing streaks because they watched us go by.

Fair enuff.

Source; Christine.


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