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Ducati Diavel…me want.

Ducati’s Diavel has caused much consternation amongst the Ducatisti. Before it was given a public name, the much-rumored model was simply known as the “Ducati power cruiser.” Lamentations! Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth from the Ducati loyalists. How could their beloved marque go sully itself by abasing in American cruiser lucre? Once spy shots, genuine or choreographed, leaked out to reveal a bike that didn’t quite reflect the worst fears, there was some relief. Maybe this wasn’t quite a cruiser after all.

Unlike other powerful cruisers such as the V-Max, M190R and Rocket III the Diavel comes in an astonishing 150kg lighter than the Triumph, and yet still 80kg lighter than Harley’s V-Rod. So with this in mond, can it truely be a big, powerful cruiser?

Well, you would think so. Carrying the same displacement as the 1198 it has slight changes in overlap which will improve power at the expense of smoothness. This equates to 162 horses with 94 lb-ft of torque, and a 0-100 in 2.6 seconds…right, now how do I get one?

Personally I am not so much a Ducati fan, in the sense that I don;t have the money to be able to buy one. And as a person looking to make the change from sports bikes (head down-bum up) to cruiser this would be a bike worth considering which appears to mix the best of sports and touring into a bike with street cred and appeal.

Sporting a 240mm rear tyre, Brembo ABS, sport/touring modes, and an evil 41 degree lean-over this is a bike that will no doubt score some wins against the aforementioned bikes it looks to take on. The American pricing indicates a possibility of $NZD 21,000 for the entry model up to about $NZD 25,000 for the red carbon model would suggest it would make more than inroads into the competitive cruiser market worldwide. But that’s just mere pipe dreams…the bastards here are selling for $NZD 30,000 upwards.

Lets just see…mmmmm.


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