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Book Review – Ice Station by Matthew Reilly

Imagine the result if genetic coding could fuse together the DNA of John McClane, The Terminator, and MacGyver…well, I hate MacGyver so this review may provide a clue of where I’m going here.

The story goes like this; scientists at an American base in Antarctica find a spaceship buried under the snow, US Special Forces secure the area only to be attacked by French Special Forces from a nearby station who are then attacked by British Special Forces as an international struggle takes place to ‘own’ the possible technological find of a lifetime…then within their own ranks skullduggery goes on of the highest political espionage…throw in some violent deaths involving a pack of Killer Whales (sorry, Orca) and some radiation-fed Elephant Seals and you have one heck of a story…or do you?

The story is written brilliantly sending me on a thrill-a-second ride through the cold expanses of the ice continent, however it is tempered by the hero; a Lieutenant in the original US team who finds the most incredible inner-strength and knowledge to beat impossible odds everytime, all without losing his trademark Aviators.

Yep, Die Hard was a great movie where a lone man took on naughty Germans and won with that tongue-in-cheek humour we love; The Terminator was also great in that he was almost indestructible and relentless in his desire to kill; but MacGyver did my head in how he could hack a Supercomputer armed with a drawing pin and sellotape, and this story has the same unbelievable aspect way too many times…and always, as Americans tend to be, right at the last moment when all seems to be lost. I can’t say I have an intimate knowledge of the inner-machinations of the world’s Special Forces, but by gum, by golly, if this is how good they are, then the world is in safe hands.

Nope, I doubt I will read another novel by this author, but there will be fans of his style.

As I will probably continue to say on every review; not the best book I’ve read, but it is nowhere as bad as Island by Richard Laymon.


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2 thoughts on “Book Review – Ice Station by Matthew Reilly

  1. Just read another in the scarecrow series. Yes totally last minute save the world silly stuff but a great read. For fun only

  2. Reblogged this on Wee Dram Farm and commented:
    loane dto alfmeister for fun. yes out there, and as the oh loves orcas that bit was vaguly annoying, but I enjoyed the escapism

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