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Asterix and the Falling Sky

The thirty-third, and the most disliked of them all to date by followers. To an extent I agree, but I understand what Uderzo was doing with this one.

The story has the village visited by two aliens from warring planets who turn up for the magic potion. In short they battle each other, the Gauls, the Romans before it is figured that the potion has no effect on them other than some comic relief.

The story is very slap-hazard however its the puns and hidden meanings that really get you ticking over throughout the story.

At the start of the book Uderzo makes mention of his older brother who got him into the art field, but the small note at the end in reference to Walt Disney is what gave me the most clues about the storyline. Uderzo dedicates the book in part to Disney who was his inspiration early on and this comic has many references to him and American culture;


  1. Tadsilweny (an alien race) is an anagram of ‘Walt Disney’, and their favourite food is Hot Dogs
  2. Toon (the seemingly friendly alien) looks very much like Mickey Mouse (and in fact turns black later on)
  3. Toon names his leader as ‘Hubs’, an anagram of “Bush’, and the storyline around the magic potion as a ‘dangerous weapon’ seems to be a parody of the hunt for “Weapons of Mass Destruction”
  4. the ‘super clones’ resemble Superman, and the face looks a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and are used ‘to keep the peace’ which is from the classic movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

No real new punny names other than Centurion Polyanthus.


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