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Asterix and The Actress

One of the more recent volumes of Asterix.

Asterix and Obelix are surprised on their birthday (which is on the same day) and amongst the characters introduced in this one are both of their parents (who also appeared in “How Obelix Fell Into The Magic Potion…). The fathers have remained behind at their knick knack store and are due to join later but are arrested by some looking to depose Caesar due to a sword and helmet they swapped with a drunk Legionnaire.

In order to retrieve these items the Roman envoy Bogus Genius sends in the actress Latraviata with her consort Fastandfurious to retrieve them from the village where they were given as birthday gifts. The actress has been made up to look like Obelix’s old love-interest, Panacea (who must be said rates with Jessica Rabbit as one the most stunningly drawn cartoon characters – that’s not weird is it?).

However the real Panacea discovers Asterix and Obelix’s fathers are imprisoned so rushes to the village also to tell them, only to run into a fleeing Latraviata with typical confusion.

Not a bad one I suppose, however it has (as usual) some great character puns and subtle references to modern society;

  1. Latraviata is an opera
  2. Panacea is a ‘cure all’ (fair enough, she’d cure my ailments)
  3. Tremendsdelirius, a drunken Legionnaire (who also appeared in Caesars Gift) and suffers DTs
  4. Gymnasticsapparatus, a Roman Centurion
  5. There is graffiti “Romans Go Home” – reference to “Life of Brian”?
  6. I’m confused over the birthday thing – in Obelix and Co only Obelix is referred to as the birthday boy
  7. Obelix hits Asterix for the first (and to date only) time. Asterix does hit him back, eventually.
  8. Dogmatix mates and has pups. This in contrast to both Asterix and Obelix who are hassled by their mothers to settle down. Can we assume that Asterix may be gay?



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