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Book Review – I Am Ozzy

I like reading autobiographies (and biographies to a lesser extent) but tend to find they can be stale and scripted, very much talking up the individual for obvious reasons.

But, then along came Ozzy Osbourne’s!

I cannot remember a book I have laughed so much at, been shocked, been flabbergasted…and so vivid in description.

Whether you like him or not, this is a book you have to read. Some of you might be disgusted by what you read, others will understand the iconic figure more, others may even come to like him and respect him…and God forbid, some of you might go and buy an album (I have all of Black Sabbath’s albums, and a few of his solo works).

Either way, I don’t give a shit, and I can tell you something, Ozzy doesn’t either. What does he care? He’s fucken loaded (no pun intended). ‘Nuff said.

Geezer, Tony, and Ozzy

From his childhood, to his early career as a burglar, working in an abattoir, and then forming a band with some randoms and becoming Black Sab, each story is a classic, each classic is a story.

It then splits into a second part which chronicles his solo career, his loss of Randy Rhoads (a must read book if I can find one), and his out of control drug and booze problem (which resulted in attempted murder charges). And for those who know of some of those incidents, the dove, bat, and defecating stories are explained fully.

There is some serious shit in here, some of it will have you laughing nervously, some of it will be beyond comprehension, but most of all, none of it is designed to be anything other than reality, and I think that is the refreshing part of the book, and Ozzy.

But funny!? Heck, my wife would near on jump out of the bed at my roaring. I couldn’t even begin to relate some stories to you, but the Great Dane incident, the visit to the doctor (at the end), and his now and again meetings with other celebs are only a small fraction of the enjoyment.

Get it, read it, and then listen to the music. Sometimes you just cannot judge a book by its cover…trust me.


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