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That’s all it cost for one of the best lunches I have had out in a long time. OK, I’ll admit I was down about the whole Sydney flight thing (read “Instant Karma“) and anything compared to that would have seemed great, but the wife’s suggestion to eat at Rangiora’s Blue Rooster turned out to be an inspiring one.

I have been there once before and enjoyed a good cup of coffee, but this is the first time I have eaten. And whenever someone suggests “it’s good” I feel I have to sample the wares as food is subjective and cannot possibly suit everyone.

The Rooster is a nice place and stands out, funnily enough painted in blue, and the walls and shelves are adorned in roosters (or cocks if you’re so inclined) and has no discernible different feel to most other cafes, which is not a bad thing.

The place was very busy although the lady who took my order was very amenable and even as I changed a couple of things after her taking it her smile never left her face nor portrayed the chaos reigning around her.

I ordered Nachos which is very unlike me as a rule considering Fish and Chips and Pasta of the Day was on the menu but as my lovely wife (who normally chooses Nachos, her favourite dish) went for a BLT, I thought I might live vicariously through her. A bowl of fries for Miss 2 (almost 3) and we were set.

They were, as I noted earlier, very busy. Seems since the earthquakes maybe everyone south of Rangiora has come to Rangiora for feedings. But we didn’t have to wait long, all things considered, for first our drinks (Heineken for me, grapefruit juice for HRH, and orange juice for the mini-quake) and then our meals. The saying is first impressions count, then I could have left without eating and been satisfied as the dishes looked fantastic and in a rare feat, tasted as good as they looked.

There are principally two reasons why I shy from eating Nachos (other than those I cook myself) a) they are not spicy/hot enough and b) the serving of ‘nacho mix’ equates to about a quarter of the number of chips presented i.e. sweet f-a to cover one chip let along the rest. But not here, almost the opposite actually, and with sweet chilli and sour cream, the only nachos I can safely say I have had which were better were those eaten at Reva’s in Whangarei. Scrum! Oh, and they couldn’t do any spicier than ‘standard’ which is a real shame, and should be something on offer for those who find Tabasco as soothing as a glass of milk, and this let the meal down a lot for me which was not quite met by the fantastic taste and texture itself. Also, I can’t say what chips were used, but there are good ones, and shit ones. These sat somewhere just north of average.

I only ate a single piece of the boss’ Cajun Chicken (which I chose over the standard bacon) and wished I had got to have more. Chicken si so easily overcooked (and even more unfortunate, undercooked) but this was bang on, and the flavouring was great. The bread must have been great as well as the littl’un finished off the piece offered (and she’s not the world’s biggest plain bread eater).

Speaking of the wee-wun, her fries, ample enough for a 10-year-old let alone her, were very nice, thank you very much, thanks for coming. And even though she loves her food (like her parents) she has a habit of not eating in cafes, rather focussing on her drink instead…weird I know.

All in all, a fantastic place to be, and if you are in the fine town of Rangiora, of the places I have eaten at this is the pick by a long shot. I look forward to heading back for an evening meal!

Setting: 4.0 out of 5

Staff: 4.25 out of 5

Food: 4.25 out of 5

Value: 4.75 out of 5

Overall Score: 4.31 out of 5

The Blue Rooster, 90 Victoria Street, Rangiora ph. +643 3133493.


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