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Book Review – Deadlier Than the Male

By Adrian Tame

Probably not the best book to have on the bedside tables, boys, if the wife has a tendency to browse through your reading. Might give them some ideas…

This is a pretty bloody (excuse the pun) good book which gives a brief, yet gruesome, history about some of Aussie’s more recent and gruesome women…basic undertone; don’t fuck with these girls!

“At least one of them is mad, all of them are bad” is how someone put it, and they are bang on. Just trying to figure out the nutter is not easy when you read through the crimes that these femme fatales have been privy to. I have to point out that not all of them did carry out a murder, per say, but their involvement in some pretty bad shit is no less nasty than the others…although their were a couple in this that had my skin crawling, and I normally have a morbid fascination in this kind of thing.

If you can get it, and just from the same morbid fascination that I have, or as an intro into nasty ladies, this is a good’un, and so well written. Sometimes books of a historical nature are written in a way that has you blah blah blah-ing your way through the early days in anticipation of the gory stuff, but Tame (is this not a name in contradiction to the subject?) writes it so well you just keep going and going.

Get it, read it, pass it on. I warn you, the abattoir worker is pretty gruesome. But on the other side, Pettingrew was an absolute lark (not that I condone that kind of thing)…but I am keen to get a hold of his biography on the woman.


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