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Teenagers…who needs them?!?

Harry Enfield

Harry Enfield is one of the true comedy legends in my book…I was introduced to him by a mate of mine who swore by him and whenever his reruns show on TV, I’m there. He stills get out and about with his partner in crime, Paul Whitehouse.

He came to light in the eighties with a character he and Whitehouse had created called Loadsamoney (as well as Stavros the Greek), and in the nineties was given his own show which became Harry Enfield and Chums which starred his mate and Kathy Burke. He also starred in a new comedy of the time, Men Behaving Badly but left this show after one season.

During his first series he created a wide range of characters that have become part of the English psyche, amongst them The Scousers, the overly stupid rich twit, Tim Nice-But-Dim, his anti-heroes Wayne and Waynetta Slob, and the washed-up DJs, Smashie & Nicey.

But this clip will showcase Kevin, the angst-ridden teenager from hell…the clip shows the remarkably realistic transformation of the lad into a teenager. This character went on to have his own movie in Kevin & Perry Go Large (who can forget Perry’s crush on Kevin’s mum?).

PiS…titbit of info; Enfield used to go out with Lily Allens’ mum, living with her and looking after the kids. Maybe this is where Lily’s quirky lyrics have their origins from?


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