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Food Review…a beer and a curry.

Himilaya’s – Indian at it’s Best

Thanks to Jason and Karen for organising a night out for us, and while none of us had eaten at this place, via a voucher on GrabOne off we went on Saturday night after me and Jase had finished a game of cricket.

This place is probably the only establishment still open in the block just north of Durham St on Colombo St and as you walk to it there is a surreal feeling as you glance at those buildings around you destroyed from the earthquakes of late 2010 and early 2011.

But once inside you feel you know you are in the right place – smallish inside compared to other Indian restaurants I have been to, it has a nice ambience and classy feel, and when a place is almost full, alongside those coming in for their takeaway you know you have a pretty good curry-house.

Seated at our table we got another pointer towards success – NZ’s current PM is framed on the wall eating at Himilaya’s which truth be told is his favourite eating place when in CHCH…and with his money it’s not like he can’t be choosy.

So to the meal: starters; for me and Katie our standard Onion Bhajee, Jase had Vegetarian Samosa, and Karen had the Chicken Hara Bhara. Onion Bhajee, pretty good. Well when I say that it was better than those you get in malls at ready to order Indian kiosks. Sampling Jase’s Saomosa was very nice as well, but we both agreed that the over-use of potato as a filling ruined it, as was the lack of any real ‘kick’ which you would expect. Karen’s Chicken was beautifully cooked, so tender, but their was no flavour whatsoever.

Mains; after deliberation and discussion with the waiter, I settled on Lamb Manchester (explained as “A hot preparation from Goa for hot people”), and ‘medium-hot’. Jase got some womanly meal which we all took no notice of as all we heard was ‘mild’. Karen ordered a chicken dish ‘medium’ and Katie the Kadhi Chicken…and of course Garlic Naan.

During the rebuild...

Nothing need to be said but yum, yum, and phew. I had mine, or course, and finished off Katie’s (which was of lesser kick than mine) and along with the obligatory rice I cannot remember a nicer, more flavourable Indian meal. In fact, I might go slightly hotter again next time. Complimented with a couple of Tiger beers for me I suspect I may need to get my undies taken out to accommodate my ever-ballooning waistline…

The table was maybe a wee bit small for the four of us as we continually spent time moving plates and glasses around as if we were playing Tetris, but a relatively small inconvenience.

The whole time we were the restaurant was busy. The staff were very much accommodating, almost too mucb as I had a new beer put in front of me no sooner than I had emptied the previous. Yep, a real nice place, and definitely going back; leaves our local place for dead.

Setting: 4.25 out of 5

Staff: 4.25 out of 5

Food: 4.75 out of 5

Value: 4.0 out of 5

Overall Score: 4.31 out of 5

Himilayas 830A Colombo Street, CHCH

+64 3 3778935,

$5.00 delivery charge, delivery within 2km radius – is it me or is this kinda silly? There is now nothing within 2km, let alone 5km of their place!


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