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Bitch Session…advertising that works against you…

In a follow up to advertising methods and madness, yesterday. As emailed after a near incident, 30.11.11;

To the Blonde Bitch in the Ford Territory, ******.

May I suggest in future that when driving a vehicle emblazoned in company colours and logos that you don’t drive like an Aucklander who has just come out of a 15 hour stint in a pub. Also, indicating ‘after the fact’ does not exonerate you from blame should you have actually removed the forward 1/2 metre of my car as you cut into my lane on Moorhouse Ave this morning.

Not sure if you heard my calling out to you, probably best you didn’t as I don’t normally use that term as they are deemed to be ‘useful’, something you seemingly are not.

May I suggest, and it’s only a suggestion so it is entirely your prerogative to ignore said advice, that you wait nicely, and patiently in the queue with the rest of us amoeba rather than scoot round outside lanes in order to jump three or four places.

There is no requirement to respond to this rant however this I promise; my quake damaged tiles will most certainly not be coming from your establishment.

Yours in Mocking Laughter

 the alfmeister


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