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The lost art of advertising…

The iron content in this girl's diet needs to be dialed back a little

I was watching “The Graham Norton Show” the other night and he presented a blanket to the gorgeous Katy Perry…yes, a blanket. As the story goes there is some sharing under the bedclothes that everyone partakes in, but doesn’t discuss in public…well, at least until now.

What is commonly referred to as the “Dutch Oven” seems to be a regular occurrence in the Perry/Brand boudoir although each is blaming the other for low-scale gassing. In finding the actual ad (from the US of course!) I found some print ads that I thought to share…so do the products still exist?

No, you're locked out cos he's wanking in there!

Shit! I just don't know who to believe?

Chucky's here!

Is this an ad for spaghetti or dentistry?


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