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Book Review – Wings of War: Fighting WWII in the Air

by Jeffrey L. Ethell

Good read, but the photos are great!

A semi-random pick off the shelf, I flicked to a page and the photo that I saw was enough for me to decide to read this. I like this style of book as a casual read between, or alongside novels as a breaker. Sometimes nature, war, disasters…anything with a lot of pictures. And the title suggested it would cover a fair bit of the WWII Air Force experience.

And this is its pro and its con…being put together by Americans it is as you would expect, about Americans. For once I would love to read a book about WWII written by a Yank that actually admitted that other countries were on their side against the ‘Narzis’ and ‘Yellow Peril’, and they didn’t win it themselves.

The narrative is all from the aircrew, bombardiers, fighter pilots, recon crew, and other people within the different branches of the USAF. To their credit, there is one excerpt from a Luftwaffe pilot, and another from the Japanese Naval Air Arm, and there are at least three photos depicting aircraft other than US-manufactured machines (one Spitfire!!! Just one?! And even that had USAF markings…).

Sorry, but it is a really well put together almanac or diary (for use of a better term) of those who served, lived and died and the photos, all in colour are stunning. But I just feel ripped off when the cover insinuates that it may include aspects other than rednecks and mom’s apple pie.

All in all a bloody good read…


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