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Food Review – KFC Grilled Fiery Tower

KFC Tower (original I believe? Couldn't find image of Fiery)

Disappointing, to say the least. Now I’m not sure if it was down to the store, or the choice in burger but this did not do it for me. In keeping with comparing like with like it seemed the appropriate burger to taste however barely halfway through it I found myself wondering what might have been in choosing the BBQ Bacon or their stock-standard Tower. Not sure which one everyone has raved about to me over the last week, but I doubt it is this new offering from KFC.

There’s a saying in sales: “First impressions last”, and as the photo shows an impression was indelibly left, albeit the wrong one, however in reading of BK’s faux pas this morning on I think I dodged a bullet.

So armed to the teeth with my Fiery, chips and drink I can safely say the only thing that appealed to me was the drink, and damned bloody thing leaked through the lid to stain my shirt too. The fries, of which I have normally always applauded KFC as having the best going round were a shade better than disgraceful. Soggy and not a hint of the stunning flavouring I love so much on them. It was with regret that I had already finished my drink as there was nothing to remove the taste.

Ummm, OK. FAIL.

But the burger is the point of the exercise, and while it was certainly nothing to write home about (although obviously worth blogging about) it did score on one redeeming quality – it was a hot (spicy) as hell, and I love that! It made all disappointing memories of Zinger in the dust, but it shouldn’t be the only taste you get in an offering with chicken, hash brown, bacon (didn’t even realise it had any?!) and cheese.

No thank you, Sir, I won’t be doing a comparison on this puppy again, however in the interest of fair play, I will have a crack (some time in the future, as I am not a regular KFC’er) at the standard Tower as I suspect this may be the one I have been recommended.

It seems that the Kiwi Angus may reign supreme for sometime yet, although my heart still lies with the well-travelled Quarter-Pounder and Double Whopper (with cheese of course).

PiS…this barb is not just aimed at KFC, all are guilty of it. But when the fuck are we going to be offered what is advertised? I have yet to see a meal presented to me that looks like the ad – how is it celebrities can now be fined for fronting failed investment companies, and pretty much everyone else be held to the Fair Trading Act (Trades Description Act) and yet fast food outlets can still get away with false pretenses?

When we order this...

  we get this? No, and that's my point.


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2 thoughts on “Food Review – KFC Grilled Fiery Tower

  1. KFC has come up with some strange combinations lately. Somebody’s smoking something in the menu concept department. The bowl with everything piled on it looks revolting. Like all the ingredients, just prefer them separately. Also who came up with pancakes and fried chicken. I know it wasn’t KFC, but I just can’t get myself wrapped around that at all.

  2. the alfmeister on said:

    Yeah, it would seem that something smaells in the fish shop…and it ain’t the fish…and when you see the photo above I took, I swear that my first impression was that the fillet was actually a piece of fish!! How wrong is that?! I think they missed the boat on this one, and no doubt others. keeping it simple might just well be the trick for them going forward; no-one wants, or expects ‘fancy-pants’ when ordering via an intercom or across a counter.

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