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RIP…Marco Simoncelli


Marco Simoncelli - 20 Jan 1987 - 23 Oct 2011

While this post was to showcase Stoner’s Championship clinching win in the Aussie GP last week as well as review this week’s Malaysian GP at Sepang, it now seems to be a bitter-sweet moment to showcase a great season and champ with the tragic death of Simoncelli while doing what he loved, and I am sure that all the other riders, and Stoner himself, will think that all before is irrelevant with what happened last Sunday night (NZT).

I was at home watching the RWC Final between France and The All Blacks and at half time flicked the TV across to watch some of the racing (which would have only been a half-dozen laps or so in) only to see plastered across the screen notification that the race had been cancelled – in explaining to my friends present, I pointed out that seeing as the weather looked great, it could only be something major like a pile-up or death to stop this race…and soon we were told about the crash, although at that time Marco was being tended to by medical staff. It came later during the rugby via Twitter of his death. Suddenly the rugby game had lost a bit of the gloss. And so soon after the death of Brit driver Dan Wheldon in Indy Cars…

Crashing, injuries, and even death are just a part of what these adrenaline-hyped top sportspeople must contend with – a seemingly small risk when the enjoyment and thrill, and ultimately the win provides them, but when it happens, it seems to do so with so much more impact than say those of us mere mortals…it could be the media hype of the incident, or the predictable analysis, investigation, and finger-pointing that will follow. But, as the saying goes, shit happens.

Click here for the MotoGP tribute – out of respect I will not post the crash itself.

And with that, normal transmission will resume with the final round of the MotoGP in Valencia 6/11, and with the World SBK finished for 2011 (last round in Portugal 16/10), I will give that a quick wrap up as well…and of course, the girls.

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One thought on “RIP…Marco Simoncelli

  1. the alfmeister on said:


    Honda Gresini have pulled out of the season-ending Valencia Grand Prix following the death of Italian MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli in Malaysia.

    Simoncelli, 24, was killed during the race at Sepang when he lost control of his bike and was struck by fellow riders Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi.

    “The only certainty is that my team won’t participate in the upcoming Valencia Grand Prix and in the tests programmed after the race,” team chief Fausto Gresini told Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport today.

    “Everything happened so fast. I’m lost for words. I know our job is dangerous, that risk is part of the game, but you always hope nothing happens. When it does happen and you find yourself in the middle of it, everything changes, it’s difficult to accept it.

    “The crash was caused by a sequence of incredibly negative circumstances, the bike that moved towards the inside of the turn instead of the outside, being run over on the widest track of the season.”

    Simoncelli’s funeral is due to take place on Thursday.

    Members of the Honda Gresini team are planning to attend the Nov. 4-6 Valencia Grand Prix where the sport will honour the memory of the Italian, the official MotoGP website ( reported.


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